I didn't yet send you the link at the end of this email.  But it, and this email, are further justifications for never entertaining the negatives - and hopefully beginning also to realize that "recordings are not real".  I recommend that you practice the suggestion about installing the "affirmation" statements....

Note that if one looks at the positive outliers (the more happy people) we see that one of their vital behaviors is that they do not entertain negatives - which does seem like a "duh!" statement that is rather obvious, for how could anyone be happy repeating negative statements.

Since this is a vital behavior, just adopting this behavior to a mastery level will make a considerable difference in the quality of your experience of life. 


It is interesting to note that even William James figured out that the human brain records individual recordings that would continue to be so except that the human evolved to actually  associate those recordings in some way - and that caused greater survival, and of course it had those who had the faculty to develop it even more through evolution - until we got to this incredible place in that ability that we have today. 

But associations are just associations.  They'll all come up, served up by the brain, for us to consider using our next level of brain that miraculously evolved:  the reasoning brain, the prefrontal cortex.  It has the capacity to reason out what is of importance and waht is not relevant and then to decide.  If there is a true emergency, then we needed our quicker, reactive simple brain to get us up a tree - and to do that it had to shut off all that was not useful to get us up a tree (no reasoning needed, so it shuts off the higher brain) and to invigorate those  muscles and things that will help us get up the tree. 

Pretty simple.  Just mechanics.  But if we fail to learn, we think the images and associations mean something, other than just being recordings cleverly tied together when needed.

There is the reasonable idea that we must not ignore what comes up, for it could have survival value.  So we hold onto it, mindlessly repeating it.  But that's the passive approach.  The enlighted mind using a proactive mode will simply "note the recording" and engage the brain's reasoning faculties by asking "is there any real danger here that I need to respond to?"  If not, then you would choose to stop doing all the negative associations as there is no reason to do them.  But there is a reason not to "do" (repeat) them:  to avoid reinforcing the useless negatives and setting off the functional alarms in the human body.

Bottomline, there is only a recording - and we think that it is real, a "thing" that actually exists, rather than a recording on a "disk" in the brain.  One of the major points in life comes when one realizes that a thought is not reality and that there is no meaning to it - it's just a recording.

It's just a recording!  It's just a recording!  It's just a recording!....

And I choose to not continue it, anymore, as it is useless at the least and very probably harmless! 

And,of course, we can then use the recording we create from firming up this idea so that it will automatically screen out such gibberish as the negative recordings - discriminating using a part of the prefrontal cortex that does a fairly sophisticated screening for rationality and decides whether to pass it on.

Of course, if we do not create mechanically enough of a path through repetition, the thoughts will not go through that path.  We can't stop before it is thoroughly built in or we'll simply have our mind go to the more frequently accessed path.

Note, interestingly enough that Davidson, the brain scientist, finds that the happiest people on earth are the Tibetan buddhist monks, as they have, apparently, programmed the "happy" part of the brain, so that it is actually physically bigger.  In discovering why that is, we might not find all the mechanistics, but we would note that they spend alot of time "training" the brain via such things as meditation.  Note that in meditation, one of the key exercises is to notice thoughts and to just let them go by as "just being thoughts and nothing more", mere generations of recordings from the thought-generating brain, meaning nothing.  They know thoughts are not real.  So, I suggest that you know the same.

Oh, there's a negative thought that came up...oh, just a thought...I can consider it but I am not under its command is only a thought. 

This means that you'd copy all the italicized sentences above and use them as affirmations that you will repeat until learned and fully installed.  (Do the copying right now and put it in a place where you can easily access it and repeat it.)


And, now it is vital for you to practice stopping yourself from repeating or entertaining negative recordings and to fabricate and/or access postive recordings.  (Note that even gibberish that is ridiculous is better than entertaining negatives!!!!!!  So do  "blaaa, blaaaa, blass!", and you will have moved up the scale of human existence.  Or even sing.  Anything but engage in the preposterous behavior of repeating negatives, while believing that somehow there is value to that process!!!!)

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