The small stretching exercises (both in individual duration and in total time) were largely not so effectual - i.e. not enough in this case.  I found the hold had to, in general, be a good 30 seconds (or more).

And to get this routine done I had to have it clearly laid out, shifting my exercises as need be and changing my list - but I definitely needed a list and enough of an explanation that I could do the exercises correctly until I memorized them.  I discovered that a little bit missed in how the routine is to be done can have a big effect on the outcome!

For extreme tightening of the right side, primarily.

All exercises are to be on both sides unless otherwise indicated.  Instructions are all for stretching the right side; just reverse for other side.

Lower back
Secs     Reps     #/day

Lumbar rotation, 1 side, to rebalance - right side in my case                            602-3 2-3        Lying on left side (straight up), right bent knee crossing in front,  right arm on floor
palm down on right side, gentle rocking pushing knee down gently and letting go, .

Knee held to chest                        ?
Improved stretch by using yoga strap

Supine periformis stretch (lower leg crossed over other thigh)                           30 2   3
Improved stretch by using yoga strap.

Self traction (stretch spine, relieve discs)60?
Lift self on arms of chair, not letting buttocks rise from seat or lift self on counter
(forearms or straight arms) bending legs to unload back.


Neck snag - As often as needed (2-5x/day)                                                            ?                       0-5
Towel behind neck,turn head to left, pull towel up along the exact snag path on
the right,  holding other side of towel down with left hand

Levator Scapula stretch  20-30 2        3
Holding bottom-side of chair right side, lean neck and head as far as you can to the
left, tuck chin and bend neck forward, turn neck slightly left, look out left corner of eye
toward left shoulder, lean body further left  (after turn neck to the right, look up and
down 2-3 times)

Upper Trapezius stretch                                      20-30 2        3 
Holding bottom-side of chair right side, tuck in chin and bend neck forward, turn
your neck slightly to the right, tuck chin, bend neck forward, turn neck slight right,
right corner of eyes toward the ceiling.  (shrug right shoulder for 5 seconds afterward, 
turn neck to right and left, look up and down 2-3 times)

     Total time30 minutes

The Happy Woman Morning Routine, cured arthritis (switched also to blood
   type diet                                                                       :   45 minutes

To address the problem:

Inflammation:  ibuprofen

Pain, loosen (heat):
Tiger Balm
Cool/hot patches

Sona - not tested yet
Infrared - not tested yets

Accupressure on muscle knots for 23 seconds until all released.

Chiropractor - Not addressed by anyone working for the health care provider, though they do use acupuncture.


Moved mouse to left side so not tighten right side muscles

Computer glasses so not have to lean forward.

Adjusted chair arms up, so not lean, and back forward so "stacked" spine and head.

This is not a recommendation nor is it medical advice.  Choose what you do only under the guidance of an expert.