Causes:  Apparently it gets bad or worse when

    1.  I sleep on certain pillows.
    2.  I exercise on the treadmill
    3.  A little when I am sitting too long or leaning forward at the computer?
    4.  Foot Pronation (solved)
    5.  Shorter leg

Sciatica problem:  From foot, through leg, through sciatica in hip and buttocks, up back toward side, to back-side of neck, through head to right eye.

Done and comments

I got a foot orthotic, and now my knee doesn't hurt.  So that's good.
The podiatrist said one leg is shorter than the other, so he said to put in an increasing series of  heel pads.  Was it actual or was it "functional leg length difference."  Determine if the pelvis is out of balance.  Make sure that part of their protocol is extensive direct treatment of the soft tissues (the muscles), as well as performing a high-velocity adjustment for the pelvic torsion  x-rays or radiographs may also need to be done to determine the severity or any damage or asymmetry to your pelvis.

I did one heel layer and I still was off.  I did two and felt off, but to the other direction, but I'm not really sure.
  How to check to see what to do:  go to physical therapy for the problem
      Action: write email to doc describing the problem

Necessary learning

__ Have I learned enough about this?

Questions I have:

Should I take an antiinflammatory to relax the muscles a bit.

Do I need a higher pillow or a lower pillow or a cervical pillow?


"Getting an accurate diagnosis of the cause of back pain is critical."


write email to doc describing the problem, get a doc, then physical therapist
Add other heel layer
Change pillows, have someone check to see if head is level

Shorter leg syndrome:

OurHealthNetwork:  Short leg syndrome - Orthotic suggestion.  Adjustable Heel Lifts Exercises Lower Back Pain Short Leg
   TFL:  On stomach, bend knees and bring heelstoward buttocks
   Adductor:  Back on floor, legs up wall, slide legs down and open wide
   Iliopsoas: On knees, long leg knee ahead...

Physical therapy


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