I am tired of mishandling this area and wasting time languishing in the cold and stopping life (although, of course, I need to rest).  I notice that when I am in a "diminished state" and distracted by the physical, I lost my ambition and don't think very well.  Therefore, I am setting this system up!

INSTANT REFERENCE - COLDS - Right away! (Print this one part; highlight then print "selected".)

__  "Cold Kit" - set it up ahead of time, with the instructions in it; in a box or drawer. 

__  Medicate, stop the suffering:  Headache, body pain, stuffiness, cough (don't leave out any)

     __ Combination medicines, Daytime and Nighttime or
     __ Your own combining:  ___ Headache:  Ibuprofen or Tylenol; ___ Clear throat; guaifenesin 
               (expectorant); ____ Cough, clear throat: dextromethorphan (keep throat clear), liquid and
               cough drops supply; ___ Antihistamine: Cetirizine Hydrochloride (generic Zyrtec) or
               Chlorpheniramine; ___ Decongestant (clear sinuses; Sudafed, red)

___ Consume

      ___ Lots of water (at least two quarts)
      ___ Lemonade, without sugar (especially for sore throat).
      ___ Chicken broth
      ___ 2 apples, banana
      ___ Vitamin C 10,000 mg and double multivitamin, betaglucan, garlic, Vit. D (and sunshine)
      ___ Eat very balanced, snacks every two hours; low fat, as fat inhibits immune system

___ Activity, flow (get it moving)

     ___  Walk/move:  At least 5 minute walk, slower on treadmill (read a book), many times/day
             ___ Stretching (even if just a little), 2, 3, or 4 times; ___ bounce your body, letting arms flop
     ___  Throat:  ___ Zinc lozenges; ___ Gargle, often with teaspoon of salt, very warm water
     ___  Hot bath, showers
     ___  Nasal flow:  ___ Rinse (Netipot or sniff warm salt water from a tablespoon);
            ___ Hot soaked face towel over sinus areas; ___ Steam facial device
     ___ Sunning (or just sit in sun for 15 minutes)

___ Rest well (especially naps)

___ Prevention,of infection or re-infection

     ___ Wash hands and face frequently!; ___ Disinfect or change as soon as possible:  
         ___Toothbrushes and  ___water glasses; ___ Alternate pillows daily so that accumulated
                viruses have a chance to die.  (Spray pillows with disinfectant.)

___ Tracking:  See sheet at the end of Colds - Care And Treatment , to stay in compliance more

___ Replenish kit:  When finished; see shopping list at end of Colds - Care And Treatment


See the discussion in Colds - Care And TreatmentChest Congestion is also potentially relevant.

See also the discussion on Pain And Discomfort.


Depending on the specific germ, the incubation period is between 12 hours and 5 days, usually 48 hours.

To answer your question, the common cold is "contagious" between 24 hours before onset of symptoms until 5 days after onset.

11 Natural Tips To Prevent A Cold, WebMD

Sinus CleanseWaterpik's Water Pulsator (battery operated, maximum cleanse) - Be sure to use SinuSense™ at least one hour before going to bed. A slight nasal drip can occur shortly after any sinus washing, and it’s better to have it drip into a tissue than down the back of your throat while you’re trying to get to sleep.

Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen Peroxide Uses (The 3% kind from the local grocery store)

Hydrogen Peroxide is described as an effective anti-viral, antibacterial, and anti-fungal agent.
Toothpaste and Toothbrush soak.
Use a 50/50 mix of hydrogen peroxide and water and spray into nostrils whenever you have a cold or clogged sinuses. It will bubble and help kill bacteria. Hold in nose for a few minutes then blow your nose into a tissue. (fill an empty nasal spray bottle with this 50/50 solution).