- Read the introduction to the topic: The Believing Brain - Intro page.

- Learn about the believing brain and how it works and doesn't work.  Read the One Sentence Summary Of Key Points  to get more of a view of all key points and/or read the complete piece (the latter is most recommended):  The Believing Brain More In Depth - About 15 pages or so, for a greater understanding.

- Learn the initial overview summary of how the brain works, then link from that page into the 20 page piece:   How You And Your Brain/Body Operate And How You Can Create Happiness Or Not - The Overview

Later, we'll return to do it in more depth, but for now we'll go on to the next step.

- Learn what thinking errors are and how to correct them.  Read Wrong Thinking. (So simple, but most people put it off or don't do it right!  Most people have heard of these, but often trivialize them, though they are the components of life!)  This is essential, not optional, if you want to be a good thinker who can operate well in life.  Don't blow this off or trivialize it!  If you're not getting the results you want in life there is some thinking errors left in how you operate - guaranteed!

- Learn and know this, so that you are operating "in reality", which, of course, works better than operating not in reality (a level of unsaneness):

Mental Constructs, Mind Made-Ups, And Reality - The Effects Of Not Realizing They Are
    Not Real - One of the absolute essentials to understand if one is to be happy in life!

  A possible subsequence, to at least glance at and get the reality of, except that you
  should absolute learn the *** item below:

       Some False "Entities"

                  "Inner Child"
                 "Dark Shadow" or even "Our Ego"
                 Personality as self (such as Ego;)
                     *** Learn Who I Actually Am)

- Learn what stupid solutions are and what smart solutions to use instead!!!  (Use the good solutions for living a better life, d'ya think!?!)  Lead into those via The Stupid Thinking 101 Course.  The whole site is about smart solutions, so identify what you want to solve and use the search engine to go to the relevant piecet.

- Then learn Right Thinking - The Master Skill - And let it serve you well for a lifetime!!!!!

Once you know that all of this is a strictly mechanical process, then you can proceed to the next step, which is to devise better strategies (and beliefs) by doing the mechanical things that will get you to the point that you are able to devise them yourself!  (Sorry, no miracles here - right!?!)  Possible next step: The Program For Upgrading Your Beliefs - The Sequential Program For Learning And Implementation

The Believing Brain - Intro page.

Quick overview

The Believing Brain - One Sentence Summary Of Key Points - Covers all the main points, but with one sentence for each.

Deeper piece

The Believing Brain More In Depth - About 15 pages or so, for a greater understanding.

The Book To Buy

THE BELIEVING BRAIN: From Ghosts And Gods To Politics And Conspiracies - How We Construct Beliefs And Reinforce Them As Truths, by Michael Shermer.  .I recommend this is an essential book for everyone to read.