PREREQUISITE:  How The Mind Works - You cannot correct beliefs if you don't understand the structure that they exist in, the way they are held in the brain. 

Your Mechanical Brain/Body - Summary - See It For What It Is, Create It How You Want It To Be 

How You And Your Brain/Body Operate - And How You Can Create Happiness Or Not - The Overview - A booklet (20 pgs)

How the mind developed 

The complete readings on The Thinking Brain - Directory/Links


Emotion Management - Basics - Beliefs cause emotions! Emotions either hurt or feel good = our experience of life.

Notes for later, for me:
The Belief System Called Self Esteem 

The credit acknowledgement process  

celebrate at each milestone - for sure!



The Program For Upgrading Your Beliefs 
 The Sequential Program For Learning and Implementation 




See the information box to the right for the Quick Improvement Results steps, and be sure to also be studying the learning program, below.

Print this page and then use the sheet to check these off as you complete them (or enter the day's date number to indicate the day you finished it.  (The check off is "I understand and agree with this".  If you are missing or disagreeing, explore further, such as talking with a knowledgeable person in the area.)  

The scoring system, until you can come up with a better one, will be ten points for every hour spent learning and revising and devising beliefs.  If you earn any less than 100 points, then you have not made a realistic starting attempt to get any results.  If you get more points than that, you are to be applauded for your tenacity, as most people will not even get to that point(!!!!!).  

Use a daily scoring sheet to keep track.  Celebrate for each 10 points attained, as that is a marvelous focused continued effort on your part - few people stick to it that long or even devote much continuous attention along a path.

Note that, although you will be learning and devising and focusing on key beliefs to change, your essential work is to fill in all the parts of the "end product" - scroll down to see what that is...

Incidentally, you're not finished until you can say, truly, "I am happy."  And part of that will be from arriving at the other test point, where you do not experience anxiety/fear at all during the regular day.  Read that last sentence again, as you must be clear that you must not stop before that point of completion!!!


The number of pieces on this site in this area will continue to be increased, so you might find yourself seeing a link that you find of interest on the pages below.  Click on it and see if you should add it to your list.


__ Get the overview from the main overview intro pages:
     __ Main page on beliefs    
     __ Overall Perspective Discussion:  About Beliefs And Thoughts 

__ The Essence Of All "Thought" Disciplines - The Truths

__ I See Life Through My (False) Filters - Really Understanding That What I See Is Not Necessarily True - An 
    essential understanding that people deny, much to their detriment.

    __ The Experience of Life - Seeing And Revising The Filters And The Context Of Life

__ Mental Constructs, Made-Ups, And Reality - And The Effects Of NOT Realizing They Are NOT Real - The 
     source of not being happy.

__ Re-Working From Untrue Beliefs; Repeated Problems To True, Empowering Beliefs, And Solved Problems!  

__ The Pyramid Of Beliefs - The Supporting Belief  

__ The Beliefs Processes - Acquiring Them, Correcting Them, And Installing Them - Gives a 
    good overview and the instructions of what to do.  See  "Changing Beliefs" section, below.

__ First, Learn About Beliefs - Then Correct Them As Rapidly As Possible, For They Are Your 

__ You must address and understand The Core Belief Statements Underlying Negative, 
     Harmful Thinking.  If you correct these two, the other false beliefs about yourself cannot 
    be sustained.

__ The underlying belief system that must be re-formed:  Fault, Blame, Criticism - Altering this 
     belief/viewpoint is essential for happiness.  It is not optional.  Once one sees the reality of it, there is no 
     going back.

__ Stupid Brain Operation, Stupid Patterns, & Using The Higher Brain For Redesign - Any Other Way Is Stupid 

__ Thoughts, Beliefs, Recordings Of The Mind - Understanding/Mastering These For An Effective 
     And Happy Life!  

__ Monkey See, Monkey Do - Humans, Too, But... - Just copy?

__ Thoughts Are Just Thoughts - Not Reality!!! 

     __ A Thought Is Just A Thought, An Emotion Is Just An Emotion...

__ Rewiring The Brain - Very Practical And Very Doable! - Just do this.

__ How Beliefs Are Supported - And How Changing Supporting Beliefs Alters Everything 

__ What Are The Actual Results? - Reality Vs. The Mythical

     __ The Choice And Reality Of "No Effect" - You Are Vulnerable To Virtually Nothing 

__ Self-Judging - Reforming The Conversation - Basic Learning Program  

__ Working With The Believing Brain - Identifying False Patterns, Improving Life

__ The Essence Of All "Thought" Disciplines - The Truths

__ Mental Constructs, Made-Ups, And Reality - And The Effects Of NOT Realizing They Are NOT Real - The    
     source of not being happy.

__ Does Thinking Control Everything? - A Question That Is necessary To Answer Clearly 

__ What am I doing/believing to continue to get these bad results? 


__ Partially Incapacitated, 80% Of Wonderful Is Still Wonderful 
__ Perception Does Not Equal Reality - Essential Lesson #1 - The majority of people will insist 
     that they have great powers of perception.  They insist on reading minds, behaviors, 
     relying on intuition, etc., but they end up doing themselves harm.


First, be aware that there are different types of beliefs:  Values, Global Beliefs, Core Beliefs, and specific beliefs that revolve around a particular emotion or situation or way of dealing with life, from anger to seeking approval.  To improve beliefs you would want to see examples of what the beliefs consist of and how they have been upgraded.  See the appropriate section for the above, all in boxes on the page for the Directory/Links Beliefs And Thoughts section.

__ Dealing With And Changing Beliefs - Very Doable And Very, Very Worthwhile - The key is to 
     "complete" the work.

__ Responsibility For Your Beliefs - Does It Lie From Where You Got Them? - A fundamental belief that must  
     be cleared up to live a good life!

__ Rework The Core Belief Statements Underlying Negative, Harmful Thinking  

__ Brief Checklist For Changing A Belief 

__ Reworking From Untrue Beliefs; Repeated Problems To True, Empowering Beliefs, And Solved Problems

__ Simplified Checklist For Changing A Belief 
     __ There Is A Purpose Behind Every Belief - Find It And See If It Is Workable! - Time spend to ID the 
            purpose for a belief offers the opportunity to ferret out if the belief truly works for that purpose

__ The Steps For Changing Beliefs  

__ The Individual Beliefs - Dealing With Them One By One - And unraveling the related ones in the process, 
     as a byproduct!

__ The Use Of Clear Disclaimers Of What Is Absolutely Not True! - Identifying what is absolutely not true and 
     disclaiming it has a powerful effect on 'disappearing' old beliefs.  

__ Re-Forming The Though "Sentences" - Turning Them Into Being Empowering - Rules and guidelines for 
     doing this. 

__ Reconstructing Our Viewpoints And Mindsets To Increase Happiness - Helps to get rid of the "Unhappiness 

What fits here in the sequence of what is needed in life is The Program For Managing Thoughts, for beliefs are simply thoughts (mental constructs) which need not be believed or harbored uselessly or harmfully in our minds. Of course, if you dump a negative belief, then there is less to manage on an ongoing basis - and enormous energy can be freed up!

OF GREAT IMPACT These change and often cancel out the power of negative beliefs.  Very impactful.  Don't underestimate the power of these. Just "talking these outloud" makes a huge difference.

__ No Negative Conversations - Eliminating The Toxics From The Brain 
__ Powerful Languaging - More Impactful Than You Would Normally Think! - A major misperception to think 
     of these as trite formalities or "being technical" for no purpose.
See Empowering Conversations section.


List of all the fears - Virtually all are just made up beliefs.  Look for your fears here (and possibly match it up to the specific beliefs listed in the Beliefs Contents/Links page.

The Reality Conundrum- Removing The Biggest Impediment To Letting Go Of Fears - It's only real if it is actually real...

     Threats And "Fear" - Differentiating As What Is A Real Threat - At least understand the basic concept.  
        We'll come back to this to further understand it in the learning curve.


The basic Barksdale program worked for me years ago.  It is a good reinforcer for what is above, and below.  You might begin with this piece in the sequence and then go to the one that follows, and so on:  The Procedure For Building Sound Self-Esteem.

THE PROGRAMS - Let the Worksheet Forms guide you in the process!  

__ The Program:  Reconstructing Your Belief System Step By Step  
     __  Basic Learning Program: Self-Judging And Re-Forming The Conversation  

__ Brief Checklist For Changing A Belief 

__ Model the new beliefs after these.
    __ Beliefs suggested to substitute for existing specific beliefs, see Directory.
    __ Healthy Beliefs To Install 
    __ Beliefs of healthy, effective, powerful people 

__ What the "product" looks like:  The Beliefs Workbook contains the organization for your beliefs, starting at section #300. Note that some of these were not addressed above, but they still are a form of belief.  The 500 series is a rigorous extension of your thinking and formulating results.  Having these slots "filled in" in your mind is powerful - very, very powerful.  All the titles can be inserted in the search engine so that you'll see an explanation and examples. 


Commitment: My Commitment To Correct Untrue Beliefs 

*WORKSHEETS TO USE * - Use these to guide you to proper completion.  Especially note The ABCDEF Rational Analysis approach. 

THE BELIEFS NOTEBOOK - Use this to record, retrieve, and perfect untrue beliefs to true, workable beliefs.  You might also, or initially, use this vehicle:  The Improvement Journal, Possibly The Most Effective Process Of All.

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For A Problem Right Now

Use the two simplest forms for processing beliefs, on the page Beliefs Processing Forms.

Then, consider: 

The Quick Beliefs-Improvement Route

Identify your top 10 beliefs that feel negative or are producing a perceived barrier by:

Brainstorming a list, really fast, but imperfectly.

Glancing for ideas and items, using:

1. The Specific Beliefs - Examples Corrections box, in the upper right side of The Beliefs Contents Links Directory page.

2. The Specific Emotions, Issues Look-Up box in the right hand side of the Emotions Management Contents, Links Directory page.

3. Specific Affirmations, Conversations, Statements, Contents, Links page - Not necessarily part of the exploration for false beliefs, but one can spot some affirmations/statements that one might wish to install, per the program set up for that.

Processing the beliefs:

Prioritize them in terms of impact on you and importance to you.

Process them using the forms provided to guide you through the process. See Beliefs Processing Forms.
Installing the corrected beliefs:

Repeat them aloud daily, preferably twice a day, reading them at first and then reciting at least twice by memory.  (At least glance at Using Affirmations Effectively.)

Although people want to "get on with it", "just do it", or take a shortcut, certain steps must always be taken.  You cannot make something work if you do not know enough ("sufficient knowing") about how it works, so each program starts with learning - skip learning steps and you will find it harder and less effective to implement what will get you the desired results. 

That said, people will tend to enter this process based on a current upset and they will want to correct that, instead of doing the complete upgrading process for their entire belief system basis.  In that case, they can just jump to using the two simplest forms for processing beliefs, on the page Beliefs Processing Forms.  Then, it would be advisable to return later to this program, starting with this next paragraph. 

One alternative that does work is to have parallel programs.  One where you are learning and the other one where you are actually engaged in the process.  This works as long as you do not drop the learning part, because this is necessary for you to develop the basic skill that will serve you for a lifetime of happiness!  For now, until I consolidate the duplications, you will have to view some of the same ideas over again - but what you should do, then, is to just scan over them if you already know them solidly.