You have a choice: 

      Use the checklist and/or
      Use the forms to walk you through what to do.

Select from the Forms To Use To Correct And Create Beliefs.


People who mean well adopt affirmations and/or intentions.  These all represent a form of "end goal", a place we want to "get to."  However, many of these people do not get the results they desire, too many times falling back into being the victim of the old beliefs. 

Not getting the desired result is always an indication of leaving something out and not going through the powerful completion process.

Basically to "get to" any end goal, we must lay out the entire trip, all the steps on how we are going to get there. 

Shortcuts, or ways around something, just don't work. 

So sad.  Too bad.  But in the end you'll be glad...


(See also the Reconstructing Your Belief System Step By Step, which is a process for learning plus prioritizing your beliefs and then changing them one by one.)

1. Specify your "end-goal".  How would you like to believe, feel, look at the world, or....  You may modify or refine it or them to a more powerful statement later.

2. Decide the supporting resources you will use and how.  You should do the work and, if possible, access help from those who can help you refine it and be more complete (but you need to do all the basic work yourself first).  Who will be a good resource?

3.  Carry the thought process all the way out to the extreme and ridiculous in order to find the end-fear and the underlying major beliefs that support the derived beliefs.  Review the complete list of "Specific Beliefs" in the Beliefs And Thoughts Detailed Contents/Links to find some of your beliefs and especially the core, underlying beliefs that support the derived beliefs - as there will be a domino effect on those beliefs when you knock out the supporting belief.  Use the Forms, especially consider the Thought Change Long Form. Use the Truth Testing Process.

3A.  Discover the foundational beliefs, which are laid out well in the following tests.  Test yourself to see where you are and how you're doing, by using the Barksdale Self Esteem Evaluation and, I would suggest, you take the Barksdale Personal Stress Evaluation.  

4.  Refine the "end-goal" affirmations and intentions, using a powerful positive statement, not a "not" statement.  ("I feel relaxed and confident that I am able to...".  "I feel powerful and I shall never doubt being enough."  Or any such thing that represents what you want to arrive at believing and "feeling".)

5.  Use your support person to review your whole plan so that you are completing properly and powerfully. (Changing even one major belief has a number of pieces to it that require a plan of steps to carry out between where one is and where one wants to be.)

6.  Install the corrected belief fully.

     Review it and the reasoning behind it daily for 21 days, then weekly until
     memorized (you could come up with the belief at any time it is asked of you).
     See The Levels Of Affirmations (note that "affirmations" are often
     misunderstood and poorly constructed and are thus ineffective or only weakly
     effective - Using Affirmations Effectively). 


The above will take up quite a bit of time, but for those who want a preview or perspective ahead of time, you might wish to glance at this.  But, please remember that we must still be carefully of getting diverted such that we do not go deeply enough nor completely enough in whatever topic or task we would benefit from completing!!!


To go deeper psychologically or to explore feelings and beliefs, use your selection of Psychological Methods To Use

Even briefer checklist version

1) Note a bad emotion.
2) Identify the related belief
3) Write out using a format (Forms) or a journaling
4) Identify references and examples already provided (on the site)
5) Examine for the truth (sometimes copying, modifying versions that have already been done)
6) Make your final declaration about what is true
7) Install it, repeating it daily...


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Beliefs, Thoughts - Contents/Links - Return to this to see what to read next.

Learning and doing
the work


The Beliefs Processes - Acquiring Them, Correcting Them, Installing Them - An overview of the belief changing process.

Completing the work:

While we most likely must correct some beliefs with urgency, it is essential that we go back and "sufficiently" learn and gain enough mastery to achieve a good level of life enhancing beliefs:  The Program For Upgrading Your Beliefs - The Sequential Program For Learning And Implementation


The beliefs changing process is essentially a version of this...

Appropriate for psychological, beliefs,or any problem:

The Problem Solving
    Process & The Forms
    To Use 



Note that if something is still bothering you or a problem is still recurring it is an indication that you have not done sufficient work, that you have stopped short, that you have not finished what is necessary.  So, go back and do the "complete" program, such as The Program For Upgrading Your Beliefs - The Sequential Program For Learning And Implementation