The "No Illusions, Choosing" Assertion:  If we can see life as it is, without creating "illusion", and since we have the ability to choose and create our thoughts, we can create our happiness and dissolve away what creates unhappiness.

The "Acceptance And Creating" Assertion:  We can develop the perspective to accept what is as what is, without any resistance or "false" added meaning.  And if we so choose that acceptance, we can better just go about the process of choosing what is next, simply asking "what would my higher brain choose".  Accordingly, we can choose to create happiness, no matter what.


Truth:  Something happens and our brain matches a memory (a thought) to it and a feeling is caused. 

Truth: We have a wonderful system that has evolved to create emotions that motivate us toward better survival. 

Definition:  Feelings are physical sensations caused by chemical signals, including emotions.

A Physical Law

Something occurs (A) --> memory matches (B) --> creates feeling (C) --> thought adds meaning (B) --> creates feeling (C)...    

All feeling/emotions we are aware of are in this causal sequence:

                A (event) --> we add B --> which causes C
                Never A  --> C, except in animals (the event never causes the emotion)

Truth:   Something happens AND there is no meaning to it.  It is neutral, per se.

Truth:   A feeling is only a feeling, a chemical sensation to which we add a meaning which may in turn create or sustain a feeling.  (We add a "good" or "bad" meaning, called a "valence", an assessment of the emotional effect on us.)

Truth:  We add meaning to something via our brain using a "thought process".  We "think" a meaning into existence.  (That meaning and/or emotion is not "there" at all without us thinking it.)

Truth:  The "bad" feelings are emotions that evolved to have us act to survive better in some way.  

Truth:  Via incorrect seeing/perception, we create illusions that we often also incorrectly think represent danger - with a very high error rate.

Truth:  There are very few real dangers (loss of survival or limbs); all else is "made up" and seen as is or with added meaning, which is often exaggerated and/or baseless.

Truth:  We can choose to act to feel better even without an emotion to instigate it.  We can even anticipate and invent ahead of time a strategy that will work better in the outer world and in the inner world. 

Truth:  A thought is just a thought, a series of electical/chemical formations and patterns.  We can simply choose to let them float by, just observing them.

Truth:  We can choose and act independently of a motivating emotion - we do not have to depend on an emotion to have us act to survive better or to feel good.

   Corollary:  We do not have to keep feeling the emotion for us to get in gear to create surviving better.  (it is a false belief to think that feeling the emotion over and
over will solve any problem - and the negative feeling itself is the problem that we want to get rid of).

   Corollary:  We can simply note something and see what we want and create the intent to do our best to create what has us living a good life, and then simply do the action.

   Corollary:  It is false to believe that ruminating, worrying, feeling bad, getting angry, etc., will solve the problem.  (The very problem is caused by this incorrect thinking, which is the creator of feeling bad.)

          Sub-corollary:  The feeling is caused by a thought, so in order to correct the feeling, we need to correct the cause.  Therefore, the only way to solve the problem is to correct the thought.  That must be done through identifying a thought/belief as not serving one for the good, choosing a thought that serves one better, determining clearly the reasoning for that to be true so that one's belief is more solid, and then installing it by practicing it over and over until it is habitual, and automatic.  (The indicator that is a sure sign of a belief being false is that it creates a bad feeling - always.  A parallel process is to simply ask "is this absolutely, always verificable true?  And if not, one must find or devise what is true)

Truth:  Feeling bad is simply feeling bad.  A feeling is just a feeling.  We need not add meaning to them, as that will cause more of the feeling (this is called "creating suffering.")  A feeling does not cause anything per se, as we can choose our actions and not be the victim of our feelings.

Truth:  Since thoughts create feelings and since we can choose and/or create
thoughts in our mind, we can create the feelings (and outcomes) that we assess will serve us better.  Sometimes circumstance and results will not be as we would prefer
- and then we just note what has occurred and choose to create what we think will work, until we create the feeling we want.  We do not need better circumstances in order to be happy!

Truth:  If we get really good at seeing through the illusions and creating our thoughts/beliefs that are true and workable, we can create happiness no matter what the circumstances.  Be assured, we all have the capability to learn to and to do that.

Corollary:  Except for actual physical threats, we are not "not-surviving".  Note that we have survived successfully through thousands of false thoughts where we made up that there was a threat.  The fact of that survival is sufficient proof to prove the point;  there is nothing wrong and there is no real threat here.  From there, we get to notice all that is serving us and to create experiences to further serve us, while eliminating  the false beliefs until they are virtually gone. 

Truth:  We can create every day and notice every day that "Today is the day!  Wow, I 'get to' see and appreciate all that is, to be so grateful for life 'to the max', to experience the miracle of it all, and then to create extras to add on top of the abundance, the cornucopia, the feast of life.  I am blessed with this opportunity!"