“If you do not complete, you’re doomed to repeat.”


In order to manage life, we must have “completed” our conversations (limiting beliefs, barriers, fears and disempowering self-conversation) so that they do not remain in the disempowering mode. 

Since beliefs are largely interrelated, they are mutually reinforcing and often dependent on each other.  If we remove your supporting beliefs, the interrelated beliefs will often just disintegrate.  (See Pyramid Of Beliefs.)  Basically, by completing the key 20%  of our disempowering conversation, we can get 80% of the results, often disappearing the remaining ones in the process, since a chain of thoughts cannot continue if the earliest links in the chain are taken out! 

This could make the greatest difference of anything you’ve ever done, if you make sure you “complete”  it.   “If you do not complete, you’re doomed to repeat.”

Why people don't correct those devastating beliefs up front and/or install empowering beliefs beats me.  It's as if they want to push it aside and just live their lives on automatic.  Sure, it takes some effort up front to re-think-out the conclusions you've made unthinkingly or naively, but the payoffs are immense, repeated over and over in life, to one's great benefit. 

After all, this IS your life.  This is what determines the quality of your life.  And since emotion and how you feel comes only from your beliefs (which determine your "interpretations", "perceptions", "viewpoints"), dramatically upgrading your beliefs to what is true and workable will transform your life to just plain feeling good in life and about life.


To do this process, you must understand the basics about beliefs, so that you can deal with the pieces, and reconstruct your foundation to what you really, really want. It is a process that should be done completely, as I've stated, so that means it should be taken on realizing it is a big project, taking lots of time.  But you can do it in various levels, as you would learn mathematics, with the later parts building on the intitial simpler parts.  (Of course, you'll, at first, not have mastered much, so you'll feel little progress.  See

But then, still fairly early in the process, things will start coming together and paying off, so that the payoff is much bigger than the effort and you're already being rewarded for your efforts.  Then you'll experience "compounding", where everything seems to multiply, with huge payoffs - and a viewpoint about life that will produce the happiness and satisfaction in life at a level you most likely do not think possible for you.

And you'll get there IF you commit to doing your homework, so that you become the Master Of Your Destiny, able to fulfill the purpose of life:  To be happy and very satisfied with life.

This website is constructed so that you can read summaries and follow directions to your destination, but it will broaden your understanding to read a few of the key books that are written in depth and with angles of viewing that will enhance your understanding. 

It is the key underlying belief that is essential.  Yes, you can modify "over it", but there will be a drag on you unless you really, really understand and buy into this.


List all your conversations as they occur to you during the day, writing at least three pages daily, for at least 5 days, possibly using the first column of the form:  Rework Of My Sentences - Simpler Form.     Sentences - Reworking The Whole Conversation To Be Empowering

Once you feel you've written the majority of the "negative" sentences, then go ahead and use the other columns, preferably getting help once you've done as much as you can on your own. 

See especially the discussion under Psychology, Overall, Internal Conversations  for clarity. 

Beliefs Contents/Links - To see what is relevant and to use the procedures, worksheets and forms to build a powerful, healthy belief system.