Remember that, to install beliefs impactfully, you must understand why and how they are true and be able to support them logically and factually.

Those who are healthy and happy in life have all, by chance or more likely by intent and diligent work, created a strong healthy philosophy of life, together with a healthy sets of beliefs, to serve as a powerful foundation to live their lives fully.  They have spent the time necessary to be sure to have this strong foundation.


I am safe.

I accept reality and do not resist it at all.  I simply note it and move forward toward what I want, without any regret or wishing it were otherwise. 

I have a mountain of haves in my life and I can only experience some reduction of gains sometimes - and those are deminimus, far less than a thousandth of what I have.  In all cases, I am left with more than enough blessings and capabilities to enjoy life.

I know who I am.  I am not my past - I am only illuminated by it.  I am not my beliefs, as I can change them - and there is nothing to defend, as they are not me. 

There is no valid reason for fault and blame.  I (and others) simply do the best we can at the time given our current level of awareness.  I can do no better at the time than I know how to do at the time.  The only thing to do is to note what I might learn and then go learn it, to enable me to live at a higher and higher level of being.  

I am 100% responsible for myself and my happiness.  I am the creator of my life.  I am not dependent on anyone or anything.

I know that people and circumstances are not the causes of my experience and my emotions.  I create the beliefs and understandings necessary to create the emotions and handling of situations that I desire.

I exist, therefore there is nothing I need to prove to anyone or myself about being worthy of existing. 

I am human.  As such, I have a human operating system that has not evolved into perfection.  I do not battle it nor expect it to be perfect.  I accept it and then use it as best I can to create what I want, including ways to work with it.  (Indeed, I have more than enough in my life!)

I only play god games and recognize and exit unwinnable and/or suffering games. 

Life will turn out well

My own core belief statement:  I am a good, kind, compassionate, capable man.

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