I don't play games that consist of chasing ghosts or non-reachable targets.  I don't play "suffering" games.  I only play "god games", where I am the Creator of all of my experience and enjoy the journey regardless of the outcomes.  I simply use emotions as signals as to what to work with next. 

For instance, I never play the "I need to be worthy game", as there is no way to reach the end goal.  Sure there are lots of tips on how to win that game, but if you notice they are about ways to stop your game-related suffering, so they are playing inside the game. 

If one is to live a happy life, one eliminates this suffering game completely.  "I exist, therefore there is nothing I need to prove to anyone or myself about being worthy of existing." 

The "worthy" game is based on old instincts that were based on caveman tribal needs.  We needed to be productive in some way to the tribe (and not alienate them) because we needed the tribe in order to survive - if they kicked us out, we would die.   But that is no longer true, so that game is senseless.  

And all the other suffering games are senseless - and unwinnable. 

Once we stop playing those games, we can just "play" at life in the "game of life", playing it AS A GAME, with variable scores, some wins and losses, but ultimately a great experience.  And a "god" experience, where you are the Creator of all that is...


First, just quickly note (scan) what the suffering games (especially the overall categories) are and note which you are playing.  Then quickly note what the "god" games are and which ones you'd rather play.  After you do that, then read the followup discussion that follows.


Other suffering games that have no substance and no purpose if you break the illusions around them are as follows (use the search engine to go to them):  You might wish to check off which games you play and/or select those which you'd like to work on to reduce or eliminate.  Consider writing out a list of the ones you want to work, and then
put them in order of what you think will be most impactful to your life if you work on it.  (Enter the term in the site search engine to find the topic.)

Suffering and struggle games (all of them)
Need to feel bad to motivate self, survive

   Guilt, shame
   Blame, resentment

Dependency games (aka "the victim" games)

   Be rescued 
   Control (of others) - A low payoff, high cost game/racket
   I need someone else to supply me with...
   I'm not powerful
   I'm a child, my inner child...

Have "enough", then I'll be happy games

    Material sufficiency
    Relationship, admiration, respect

Worthy enough games (a subpart of dependency games)

   Good/bad, right wrong 
   Good enough (actually part of the "worthy" game)
       Unreasonably high standards game (great for increasing the unhappiness gap)
   Perfection game (guaranteed to lose; the road to hell)
       If I make a mistake, then...

I'm not safe

   If an undesired outcome, then it's awful (I won't be able to create what I want in
         Control of uncontrollables (to protect myself...)
              Worry Game
                   "Future might not turn out as I want it" game
         Holding (constant readiness for threats, rather than "I'm powerful.  I'll
           handle what comes up."
         Anxiety game (extreme game versions:  Panic of I'm screwed if anything bad
            happens and I'm unable to handle it and I'll go to oblivion...)
         If I fail... (related to Perfection Game)
         If I lose something 
         Expecting more game, always falling short...
    Imaginary threats game
    Fear death game

I am my past

    Stories about how I am the victim of my past, the passive result determined by my
      past, parents, etc.
    Who I am and what I do is justified by the past that did it to me 

They are all nonsense, though some would object that they are "normal", as if that justified the stupidity of being involved in them. 


I am the Creator of it all, the Master Of My Destiny, the Captain Of My Ship...

I am self-sufficient

   Loving myself game,
   Soothing and nurturing myself game

I am fearless - I create what I want no matter what.

    It ain't serious game - I live, I die

I am a Force Of Nature - I am a force of nature, unstoppable (and, yes, I may fall down, but so what!!). I may get splattered on the pavement, but I'll still move on and live my best life. (Power)

The "so what" game - Shit happens, so what, now what...

"How much can I appreciate" game

The "there is enough" game - Where everything above that is a "bonus" I get to have and appreciate.


In the "worth" game, a friend says we are inherently worthy as individuals.  Yes, that is a "good" thing, headed the right direction.  However, it is "inside" the game. 

If one is playing at the god game level, the "worth" game disappears, as we rise above it knowing that it is irrelevant:

   "I exist.  That's it."
   "While I exist, I shall use this life to create happiness."
   "I have given up the idea that I must have worth in order to justify my existence.  I understand that, as a child I thought I had to prove myself worthy enough so that I would not be abandoned and die.  I understand that there was a time in our evolution where we were dependent on a tribe for  protection and even life, and that they would kick us out if we were not productive enough.  None of that is true anymore.  I can exist without having to please anyone.  I am supported, in a sense, by a much bigger tribe, that paves my streets and puts all I need on grocery shelves.  I do not need, though I might prefer, to prove worthiness to anyone in order to survive.  I exist - and that's it."   

See Self-Worth


Read Unwinnable Games, to flesh this out a bit more.  To get the bigger overview, read The Game Of Life - How To Win Or Lose.

Select which unwinnable games you want to stop and list them in an order to do them.  Use the search engine to go to them.


I did not link everything on this page, but I can assure you that the information about it and/or about how to do it are on the site.

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