tba 5/27/11 version  Just read this lightly as it will be applied in the worksheet format.  You can then go back and read it again, in more depth.

This is the "path to", which, always, is the "path through" (to the other side).  

Objective:  Operate in life off of good, empowering, rational, fact-based beliefs/thoughts such that I experience deep happiness, guaranteed.

Method:  Clear out irrational, non-fact based thoughts/beliefs and replace with rational, fact-based conversation and beliefs that are empowering and true.  Install thoroughly so that the rational predominates. (There is no point in discovering something that causes a problem and then leaving it be.)

Principle:  Look for the underlying pillar(s) that is supporting the other untrue beliefs and correct those - eliminates the whole structure and the multiple variations that are based on that pillar - conquers multiple pieces all at once when the structure falls down.

     Develop the entire reasoning for the corrected belief, so that you have a solid foundation - it does not
         work to install new "sentences" if there is not a full foundation for them.
         (Levels Of Affirmations)

Observation:  Any positive statement (that is not foolish) is better than repeating a negative statement.
                     Negative statements should never be made, unless they are used for correcting them.
                     Only do Powerful Languaging, follow all the rules, religiously, as if your life depended on it.
                     Learn that random thoughts are meaningless and often deceptive, but in any event they
                         should almost all be dismissed.   This is thought mastery 101 and mandatory for
                         achieving happiness.  

"We can spend all of our lives dealing with the symptoms of something, but if we choose to solve the cause, there will be no symptoms to deal with.  Those who just deal with symptoms are doomed to repeatedly having them, because they leave the cause intact."  (Duh!)


Step. 1. Awareness

    A.  Identify what is going on.  (Trains the brain to use its thinking function more, which
               eventually becomes more automatic and the emotional brain becomes less active.)
               1.  Note a "bad feeling" - Sign that there is a cause to look at.
               2.  Look for what caused the bad feeling.
     B.  Write it down  (Trains the brain, as it uses black and white perspective, instead of just
                  emotional or unreasoned, so reactivity is decreased.) Write thoughts on the left side of the
                  sheet only.
                1.  Do a "brain dump", writing all that is on your mind relative to your internal conversations

Step 2. Analyzing and correcting (The more one attempts this, the more the brain is trained to do it automatically and better.  It is a skill that is necessary, for without it real progress cannot be made.)

    A.  Look at the left side and look for and add if necessary what the big meaning is, the primal threat.
                Identify and extend the underlying "logic" used on the left side.
    B.  Ask "what is true?" and "what is not true?"
    C.  Address what is not true, devising a new belief/thought that is true and workable.
         1.  Dispute the old belief and use those disputations to form the new one.
         2.  Pretend as if a wise friend is kindly debating you (but you be the pretend friend)
         3.  If it is a particular belief that is fairly common see the list of specific beliefs in the beliefs
         4.  Write down all the beliefs and evidence that support the new belief. 
         5.  Keep the resultant write-outs in a common referenceable location.

After you have done what you can, it is advisable to use a skilled person to supplement with ideas and suggestions, so that you can not only get a more refined complete product but also so that you can gain additional insights into how to use this skill set. 

Step 3.  Install fully

     A.  Repeat until learned (able to recall it in the moment).
     B.  Install it deeper and permanently by rereading all the logic for it.

THE WORKSHEET - The basic format for reworking beliefs could be as presented below.  [I also created a "super-form" that includes all the pieces of changing beliefs and installing the new ones.  It or the shortened "ABCDEF" version (which includes a filled out example) are recommended for initial use, but you can also use the Beliefs Processing Forms Directory/Links to identify and link into any forms you might want to use for various purposes or levels.

Use any piece of paper large enough for writing two sides. Having a The One Master Notebook available allows for writing it down as soon as possible, when you might also be in a frenzy and miss a few things but still captures some of the prime thinking - often a person will have to return later to fill out the missings on the left side of the sheet (and right side, later).  Although there are advantages to writing down the so-called negatives very quickly on the left side without interruption, you could quickly throw in a right side thought if it occurs at the time.  Note that it is ok to "put into words" something that you impute as being there or believe has to be there implicitly in order to have come to the conclusions you did and/or feel the intensity of emotion that you did.

When typing this out, which I do recommend, it is best to use a "table", so that you can type in more in a box if you choose to do so - and the other side of the thinking, on the right side, will still stay inline opposite the left side uncorrected thoughts. (To set up your form, set up a two column table and then highlight everything on the left side below, press the CTRL key and C at the same time, then put your cursor on the left side of the table and press CTRL and V at the same time; use the same procedure for the right side.


If you wish to increase the size of the print, press on your browser "tools" and then zoom.

(Correcting, adding perspective, compassion)

This side is for refining of what happened to actual.  (See Rational Self Analysis worksheet.)

Fill in across from the relevant left side item a wise alternative.

Is it true?  What else could be true and/or more workable? 

Use (write) sentences of "compassionate understanding" to yourself

Write perspective type statements 

What 'deeper' logic or reasoning was used on the left side?  Extend any thinking down to its root problem (e.g. I won't be able to handle life, I'm unworthy, etc.) [Write this out on the left side, as a completion of that side.]

From a "neutral" viewpoint:  Something happened. There was a cause.  So my job is to find out what the cause was, identifying "what I didn't know yet", and that is what I need to learn. Answer in writing: What can I learn from this?  What can I do differently? 

What major overall affirmations or life statements apply here?  (Write them down now, review and revise later.)

Write out any evidence that would support your new beliefs.  (No affirmation should be used without your believing it or believing that it is possibly true.

How can I assure implementation and actual use (reminders, monitoring sheets, etc.)?  

After you've completed all of the above, review all of what you've done, choose which affirmations and understanding statements you wish to use.  Keep them in your Reminders Notebook,  review them every day, at least, not stopping until they are automatic. 

The most important part of this is creating the basic understanding that will serve as a pillar for a great philosophy.  This involves creating Level III affirmation and supporting statements.


In finding solutions and/or items for this side, use the search engine to find the relevant pieces, where not only is the item explained but where there are typically ready made "correct statements."  There is a listing of specific beliefs in the Beliefs Contents/Links page.

You'll go to higher level thinking automatically if you acknowledge "I caused this upset by ..." instead of "the situation upset me" (which is not true).

Minimize ineffectual, surface affirmations.  See Levels Of Affirmations.

"Everything is neutral."  Understand that statement and modify it slightly if you wish, but "get" it.   See p. 11, How You And Your Brain/Body Operate...   Also, "get" (fully understand) Fairness.


An example of a process similar to this is at
Rageful Envy - Barbara.  (Be sure to download Microsoft Word Viewer for free, if your downloads don't include footnotes so that you can see th footnotes.)

To see examples of affirmations:  The Affirmations Themselves and/or Main Affirmations - Barbara, the latter of which are mostly Level I, but also link into her Affirmations By Area.   Note that Barbara has her  Top 10 Self-Talk Tunes that she plays over and over; reading those will provide a better idea of how this fits together in an actual situation.

What you do not complete, you are

doomed to repeat.

A problem unsolved is a life left unresolved.

Unclarity and untruth unresolved lead to a life that is full of problems to resolve...which

Leaves only a tiny bit of life to live, and certainly to yourself this is not something you want to give.

Author generously kept anonymous.

                     (Brain dump)                                        
Do this side in any order.  The questions are just prompters. 

Leave lots of space open, as there may be more notes about an item or extensions of some sort.

What emotions am I feeling? At what level of intensity on a 1-10 scale (10 highest)?

What happened?                                              

    Circumstances, what people did, I did.
    I thought                                                           

What (internal) conversation did I have about it?

What am I making this mean?  What meaning am
    I adding? 

Why does this upset me?  What am I losing or
    what threat seems to exist?

How did I create this, from the neutral happening?

What do I think I know for sure? 

What is the theme or underlying key belief?   

Complete, for now, the left side, do your best on the right side, and then run it by an objective advisor. 


Everything out there is "just neutral and has no meaning, except that which we fabricate.