This is designed to have a place for all of what you might want to include - print out this sheet and then set up dividers as needed.  There is no requirement to fill all the slots, although, I think, each is valuable.  And you would tend to work first on the bigger impact ones, such as core beliefs.  Be aware that there are interrelationships and dependencies between the beliefs, where some will not "break" until a related one is handled, while some will "break" on their own because one no longer believes in a "supporting belief" - in fact, you'll at times achieve "critical mass" where a whole bunch of dysfunctional beliefs will disappear at once.

100 To dos list
200 Learning/Implementing Programs
250 Special reference, reading materials
300 My Philosophy Of Life writeup and notes
     310 Who I Am
     320 Life Overalll
           325 Meaning of life
     330 Realities of life
           331 Accepting reality
     340 My values
           345 My stands
     350 My standards
     360 My rules
           365    My boundaries
      380 My declarations
            385 My commitments
400 Statements
      410 My Power Life statement
      420 My key affirmations
      430 My reassurance statements
      440 My coping statements (also put specific ones under specific statments )
      450 My calming, destressing, rejuvenating routines and practices 
      480 My gratitude statements

490 Evidence, touchstones
     492 My Strengths
     493 My abilities
     494 My Traits
     498 My accomplishments, good deeds, what I've done (trips, etc.)

500 Beliefs

510 Overall   listings
     511 My Lists Of Beliefs
     513 My List Of Fears
     515 My List Of Stories
520 My Ongoing Issues
     525 What I give up trying to control

550 Specific Beliefs, new beliefs
     -10 Worth, good enough, self esteem
    - 20 Power
           -21 Victim, child
     -30 Other people (and control of others also)
          -31 Approval, rejection
     -40 Safe
     -50 Fears
     -60 Future 
     -70 Anxiety
          -71  Panic

580 Supporting pillars (old beliefs
     -10  Supporting stories I tell, which I will give up
           -15 My past
     -50 New supporting stories for new beliefs
     -60 Change in my conversations

900 Appendix
     Thank yous and compliments


Follow these steps!

Reconstructing Your Belief System Step By Step - Finishing "The Job", For Happiness!!! - Just follow the steps, use the forms, and remake the quality of your beliefs and thusly your life!

     USE FORMS!!

Belief Forms Contents/Links - These will be used to address and modify the beliefs and may be used to put together a Beliefs Journal. 

Link to the forms in the notebook by entering the title in the search engine.


Beliefs And Thoughts Contents/Links  - Also see Specific Beliefs section, where you have the negative belief written out and a suggested alternative functional, true belief also.