How To Heal Depression (10:25)

From on YouTube:

Therapy Case Study #1 Depression  (4:38)
Therapy Case Study #2 Diary Of A Passive People Pleaser (3:29)


Stanford's Sapolsky On Depression In U.S. (52:29) - Explanations of what is happening and what it is.

The Biology Of Depression: The Affects Of Stress - University Of California (1:29:41)

Dr. Neil Nedley (Link into his others from these.)

Curing Depression Using Diet - Dr. Neil Nedley (10:24)
Proof Positive: Nutrition, Depression & Mental Performance (1:00:06)

Religious context, but usable by anyone:

Depression And Its Cure - Interview with Dr. Neil Nedley (about religious philosophy effect) (28:31)
Thoughts - Interview, religious channel - Dr. Nedley. (1:43:25)
Questions _ Interview, Dr. Nedley (23:36)
Improving Emotional Intelligence, Part 1. (religious references (1:07:08) Part 2 (57:59)
Reaching And Regaining Peak Mental Performance (1:08:11
Other interesting possibilities on YouTube: enter "Neil Nedley"
Top Workbooks:  Recommended that one goes through and follows the Principle of Completion for best results. 

     The Cognitive Behavioral Workbook For Depression, A Step-By-Step Program, William J. Knaus,
         Ed. D.- Take the depression inventory

     Successful Problem Solving - A Workbook To Overcome The Four Core Beliefs That Keep You
        Stuck - Matthew Mckay, Ph. D. and Patrick Fanning - One of the very best I've ever seen!

        The four core beliefs:

             I'm incompetent.
             I'm unworthy.
             I'm not safe.
             Others' needs are more important, mine aren't.

         When these are unraveled and replaced, alot of the other beliefs that keep one feeling bad will
         seem to magically disappear, as they will no longer have supporting pillars.

     The Depression Workbook - A Guide For Living With Depression And Manic Depression, by
         Mary Ellen Copeland, M.S., M.A. - Excellent exercises that will pull one out of depression
         and get rid of the type of thinking that causes it.  It is very rare that there will be a permanent
         might look like it is implying that depression is a way of life, which it isn't, unless, of course,
         there's a physical thing - then it can be managed effectively through medicine and you can
         use happiness techniques to actually be happy.  (The author had depression 25 years ago.)

Useful Reading

     Depressed And Anxious, The Dialectic Behavior Therapy Workbook For Overcoming Depression And Anxiety, by Thomas Marra, Ph.D. - Adds a few useful insights and ways of looking at things differently. - Per a respected mind:  "One of the few websites that seems to make any sense (all about directed thinking...)."

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