See:  The Grieving Process - A collection of three key pieces to read to "brief yourself" on the processes and factors involved.  1. Coping With Death, Grief, And Loss, 2. What Are The Stages Of Grief? and
3. The Grief Process - they repeat themselves a bit, but all are useful.

        What To Do - A List - An email sent to a person who was greatly suffering
              from grief, urging these actions.

        Grieving - Resources To Use - Books, finding a support group, websites. 
              USE THESE!

A more detailed write-up of what is to be done during the grieving process is in the piece entitled:

        Grieving - A Loss To Be Experienced, A Time For Building Self-Love and Self Soothing

This is a time for special, really, really special self-care and self-soothing.  Follow the exercises in the summary write-up immediately above. One friend, instead of being stuck "in grieving", spent this time in remarkable growth.   Some of the things she read and did were as referred to in the comments section after quoting Desiderata (it's good to read inspiring material, and it's even better to learn new things via reading items on this site or going to the items referred to.

"Grieving is a natural gift of human nature that restores us to wholeness."  AND...we must go thru it and honor it, but not wallow in it. 

It is important to remember that "Grief happens, extra suffering is optional."  AND...this is a great opportunity - for growth and for developing a self-love like you have never experienced before.

Find and get into that support group.  Use counseling, pastoral and psychological. Read and learn using classes and the books and websites recommended.  

Develop special supporting structures, including that special Caring, Feeling Presence - creating the internal sources of unconditional love and special allies to back you up. 

Do "processing, using the "Morning Pages" and the other things suggested in Grieving - A Loss To Be Experienced, A Time For Building Self-Love and Self-Soothing.

Do lots of self-care.  Have special days.  Have lots of fun.

Gratitude is a special skill to develop at this time.  See that section and develop the special notebook called The Gratitude, Reminders, Inspiration Notebook

Inspiration, from inspiring books, great movies (join and the recommended videos and music.

Exercise, exercise, and exercise! 

Experience this deeply, process it, and take the opportunity to appreciate what life is all about and to learn to love yourself as you've never been loved before!!!!