It is vitally important that you get "wants" squared away.  Otherwise, you will be left with a vague sense of dissatisfaction and unhappiness.

along the idea of "more"

A want is often related to what we think will make us happy, such that we are stuck in the idea that until we get it fulfilled we will be unhappy, along the reasoning line discussed in Needs.

See How To Create Unhappiness, for the unmet wants area is a major source.
Wants are almost an unlimited "hole" in life, a hole we fill up with dissatisfaction and unhappiness.
What you "want" is vague and limitless

If we don't have what we want, then we are unhappy. 

What is the right amount to want.  What determines how much we want.

How does it get wired in to produce unhappiness? 

As cavemen, "wanting" was what helped motivate us to survive (or do something that lead to survival).  It was just a few things.  That mechanism of thought is still active today but it leads to an unlimited series of wants.

Want to be better looking, sexy, instantly loved, admired, popular
Want to have comfort, a big house, with lots of luxuries, a great car, lots of money
Want to have security, peace, power, lots of achievements, lots of entertainment, and a 28 hour day.
Want to be strong, capable, buff, in excellent health

Decide which wants are goals and differentiate as to which are necessary, important, or just a game.

How to view a want and not get unhappy around it

Again a want is an unfilled hole and if we don't get it we experience a loss.  We experience it constantly when we think of it, all the way up to when we get it fulfilled, if we do fill it.  It is a vague sense of emptiness, of loss...  Of course the opposite of feeling loss (abour what we don't have) is practicing gratitude (about what we do have). 

We can either live with the mentality of a caveman in today's world, or we can upgrade that mentality to fit today.  That takes thinking and perspective.

Look at all I have.  I have plenty.  The world is such that I can create all I ever really need.  I have the power to create what is really important.  All these other wants are not true needs, they are only primitive thoughts that I need pay no heed to the chemcial message urging me to fill it.  There are millions of potential wants and I will not engage in the frantic game of trying to fill them.  My wants are simple.  I am blessed with so much.  I am so fortunate. 

Reconstructing Our Viewpoints And Mindsets To Increase Happiness