Sometimes voodooized or dismissed totally unjustifiably, it is the single most logical and valid therapy there is.  It can only fail when the person who is using it fails to learn it properly and then continue to utilize it until he/she is proficient in it.  It is totally logical and should be approved of by anybody who advocates effectiveness in life. 

It is not "touchy feely" or "positive thinking", it is "straight thinking".   It is using one's head, rather than being content to be stuck in non-thinking and the land of stupidity.

All craziness and unhappiness is based on irrational thought, wrong jconclusions, failure to think, failure to use our higher brain.  (Of course, some people with impaired functioning cannot do it, but that is not you, if you are reading this!  But people who aren't successful are just failing to engage in Logical Thinking.)

People who say they can't are actually engaged in they won't, for it is entirely doable by any normally intelligent person. 

Cognitive behavioral therapy is simply re-thinking, on a sounder basis, conclusions (called beliefs) that are erroneous and incorrect about what works and what doesn't work.   

Much of cognitive behavioral therapy uses what is in this model:  The ABCDEF Analysis, also known as "Rational Analysis", in its various versions and levels of depth. 

As with anything one is learning, it helps to have a coach (in this case, a qualified therapist is probably the best). 

This "therapy" is the best, in my opinion, as it examines beliefs and helps one create beliefs that align more with reality and what works in life.  I recommend that you become an expert in your own beliefs and emotions, at least reading some of the key pieces, and perhaps doing the key program, in Emotion Management, Contents, Links.

A different version of it: 
Dialectic Behavior Therapy - A Learning, Practical, Practicing "Therapy" - Learn this!

Am I Capable Of Making My Life Excellent?  Can I Have Confidence In Reaching That Higher Level?