THE PURPOSE OF THIS PAGE:   To have you see, in actuality based situations, how the relationship dynamics work or don't work and to garner a learning from it, a greater understanding, and ultimately a better relationship.

Note:  All the names and facts have been altered to protect the guilty...oops, I mean innocent.  Actually it is just people being humans.  Although "actuality based" on real situations, pieces and parts have been modified to fit into it being a good teaching based experience for the reader. You should be alot smarter by the time you finish this. 


Dick and Carol Realign As Partners - From being without adequate understanding and agreement but being willing to work at it, a friend takes them through the very personal process of doing what he called "realigning as partners."   The 4 Hour Relationship Realignment Program.    A successful and useful process.

Fred and Susie Come Back Together - It looked like no hope, but as it was thought about and understood a bit more and looked at, a new view came up that created it all working out...

Don and Wendy - What happened to create the "final straw". 

John and Darlene - Adjusting, fighting, tolerating, not tolerating ... meanwhile ...a few sudden insights from a friend, ones that free up so much energy for loving instead of fighting for a false cause.

Gene and Andrea - From Gene being still addicted (hidden) when they married to the Great Transition, where Andrea's greater understanding brought him into finally "seeing" what he was doing, becoming over a short amount of time a higher functioning, loving, wise mentor himself.


The Relationship Chronicles Of David and Jane

With a vast array of examples and themed pieces, we follow the life, the relationships, and the lessons of David and Jane, who had their problems and conflicts.  Designed to create deep insights around reality based situations and to provide lessons we would not ordinarily experience. 

The Relationship Chronicles of Keith And Lisa 

They encounter the normal stuff that always comes up and "partner" in dealing with them.  They provide a wonderful example for the rest of us.