Draft, but do these for sure:

These overlap with life management and time management books, but I set this up so that I could have a better reference system with which to design my own planning system.  (I've done and redone these.  There is no perfect system, so start with one that is highly tested and ready to go - and use it!)

First Things First, Stephen Covey. - Mission, legacy, what life is all about, getting what matters onto your schedule, principle centered living, mission statement workshop (including examples),  Must read.
The Seven Habits Of Highly Effective People, Stephen Covey - The basics for running your life, with examples for implementation.  The biggest selling book of it sort for all time!  Must read.
The Franklin Covey Planner Notebook (software) - Use it directly or for structuring the day, week, month. Already set up for you as a workable system.
  The Weekly Worksheet - Goals by role (so you don't forget any!), what you'll do to "sharpen the
  saw" (physical, etc.) so you can insert that in the schedule, then a full week's schedule sheet for
  appts/to dos (see format in Seven Habits book).

Flight Plan - The Real Secret Of Success - How To Achieve More, Faster Than You Ever Dreamed Possible, by Brian Tracy
Live Your Dream - Discover & Achieve Your Life Purpose - A Step By Step Program, Joyce Chapman
   And The Live Your Dream Workbook - Discover And Live The Life Of Your Dreams

For Business Plans:

    A Standard Business Plan format.
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