The very best, most effective site:  The Life Management Alliance, coupled with its sister site Living Masterfully: The 80/20 Life.

Review:  There may be some bigger sites, but there is no site that ties it together and makes it fully implementable, so that you can truly build a life where you are deeply happy and very effective.  It is specially organized with detailed "contents/links" pages for each subject and subsubject for easy, specific reference, rather than being spread throughout some blog.  

Its blog, A Happy And Effective Life, will update you but not burden you with irrelevant information and there is no selling at all. 

A super-major strength is its full range of programs that you can follow to implement the improvement of your life effectively and systematically with excellent content.

Keith Garrick has also purchased all the copyrights for the excellent Barksdale Self-Esteem books, providing them free on-line.  It is a non-profit site.

When you want to learn or when you have some spare time and want to read and be inspired, consider going to these sites (rather than watching tv or doing random surfing).  See also: Instant Reference For Valuable Browsing.

Blogs I Find Best For Me

Farnam Street
IQ Matrix
Eric Barker
Michael Hyatt

The Book Of Life
Dr. Mercola
Cal Newport

Also follow: 

Robin Sharma
Tim Ferriss

Your Suggestions

Please provide suggestions of sites to cite!  Contact.

GOOD APPLICATIONS (NO COST) - Devlyn Steele's excellent work, articles but also a great self-dev 90 day free program.
LovelyLifePlan - Articles and a workbook 

HIGH CONTENT SITES - Numerous LifeHack Lessons, unlimited access $4.99/mo.
Philosopher's Notes - And related sites, real
   substance, summarize over 200 best books, 
   Review ofHis Key SiteVideos also sign up
   for their blog.


A Happy And Effective Life - Updates from The Site (
Farnam Street Blog - Reads about 5 books a week, great high level thinking

Business and life effectiveness

Tom Hill's Eaglezine
Michael Hyatt - Much about life effectiveness, much about business.
Early To Rise - Life effectiveness and business.

Other Overall Blogs and Sites
OPRAH.COM - Lots of good items, from Martha Beck's insights, through Chopra, Tolle, and on...See, this site, Oprah Directory Of Resources

Excellent articles and free extensive books. - His Self-Help Stuff That Works book covers life very well.  He also has Moodraiser site.
YouCanChooseToBeHappy - Site and excellent book for free to read on site.


Self-Esteem, Confidence 

Self-Talk, Affirmations 



YouCanChooseToBeHappy - Site and excellent book for free to read on site.
The Greater Good Center
The Pursuit Of Happiness - Free webinar, test
AlwaysWellWithin - Great indepth book reviews, too  

Health, Medical

WebMD - Broader than you think - all the way over to mental health.

Inspiration - The Daily Motivator - Free motivational songs, free videos (especially "inspiration people" and speeches)

LIfe Management - Also videos - Lots of articles ;free 90 day life confidence program - Gratitude, success, meditation, happiness blog - A great magazine and articles, see particularly Philosopher's Notes articles (Brian Johnson) - Lots of good stuff! Podcasts, - And see his useful links. - And lots of interviews and "stuff" 

Achieving Happiness Through Philosophy Foundation For A Better Life - Stories and definitions around values. - Text from MacDonald's book and lessons in a course he calls Wisdom 101.
Philosophy Websites - Master listing
Stanford Encyclopedia Of Philosophy
MorganPolotan - Semi political philosophy 


Write Life

Write Your Life - A series of questions to have you do that  
Create Your Own Story - You can actually enter it online and then check in every six months. 
Psychology Sites - and some free courses. - Brain, etc.
Video How Tos On Everything To develop

Go to YouTube, enter a topic 


The Happiness Project - See also her videos - Radio interviews, teleseminars, streaming video interviews, - Several good writers contribute - Blog style, but some valuable readings. - Young but 850 articles! 
Personal Development Suite 101
HinduWebSite.Com - Good, practical applications - Free videos, too.
Higher Awareness - Subscription at $19/month or other plans, but lots and lots of resources which you can download and then read later.

(For me to explore more:   )