Learn from those who are actually living life the right way - and who have also thought about it and learned to teach it.  Stephen Covey is truly that man. 

Read his excellent books, as designated in one of the boxes below.  Watch his videos as a course in how to understand life, life effectiveness, and how to be happy. 


Essential Reading As A Basis For Life 

The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective People - The best selling in history.  Truly wise.

First Things First - This explains "Habit 3" in depth.  It makes a huge difference in life.

Valuable Readings

Principle-Centered Leadership - Although about leadership, it applies to all of life, and how you are at work.

The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective Familieis

By his son:  The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective Teens


He merged with Franklin time management, so the trainings would be listed under 

(YouTube - If a link is broken, reenter title)

MAJOR CHUNKS (All likely to be broken at some point, so reenter title.)

The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective People
   (Audio, 1:33:27) OK as of 2/24/15
   (Audio, 6:32:50)
   7 Habits Overview (Video, 7:07) - Great!

First Things First (Audio, 1:10:58)

Principle-Centered Leadership (Audio, 1:12;25)


Compilation of smaller videos. (Often broken, so reenter title.  Notice the sidebar suggestions in YouTube and watch as many as you can, taking notes.

First have a map of what reality is:

What Is A Paradigm And A Paradigm Shift (Video, 9:00) - Essential understanding to have! (OK 2/24/15)

Character, Emotions, Values

The Character Ethic And The Personality Ethic
(Video, 7:53)

Five Emotional Cancers (Video, 2:58) - See Blame, Criticism, Resentment...

The Four Assumptions (Video, 1:48)

Responsibility, Power

Be Proactive (Video interview, 3:01) - The freedom to choose your own response.

   Power Of Choice (and the opposite of   
      proactive)  (Video, 4:38) - Must know!
   Build Your Foundation (Video inteview, 1:41)

The Maturity Continuum (Video, 10:38)

The 90/10 Principle (Video slide presentation, 4:26) - 10% of life is based on what happens to you.

First Things First

The "Big Rocks" Of Life (Video, 9:03)
Habit 3 _ Put First Things First


Indian Talking Stick (Video, 3:03) - Very effective!


Family (Video, 4:27)

Time Management

Habit 2: Begin With The End In Mind (Video, 5:34)

Habit 7 Sharrpen The Saw (
Goals And Priorities (Video, 2:59)

Covey's 4 Quadrants (Video, 6:29) - Brian Johnson's summary


Five Economic Eras (Video, 3:23) - Learn this to apply in your life

3rd Alternative Paradigm (Video, 4:01) - Change our level of thinking, to "our way".  Enter also: The 3rd Alternative Special Training, with his co-author.

Speaking At Wharton School (Video, 1:34:32)

Habit 6: Synergy (Video, 3:54)

Wraps Up All Of His Concepts (Video interview, 2:23)

Stephen Covey Quotes (Video, sliides, 9:10)

The 8th Habit - From Effectiveness To Greatness     (Video, 46:02) - Principles that govern life
  In parts:
    (Video, Part 1, 9:19)
    (Video, Part 2, 9:46)
    (Video, Part 3, 7:49)
    (Video, Part 4, 7:29)
    (Video, Part 5, 7:08)
    (Video, slides, Part 6, 3:56)
Quest For Success (Video, 2:06) - A compilation of leaders.
Business Related

Goals - 4 Disciplines Of Execution (Video, 7:07) - A dramatization takes up first 2:30.

Work (Video, 4:20) - Synergistic vs. conflicts

Empathic Listening

Video 1, 4:04 (Dramatization leading into the talk)
Video 2, 4:13 (2nd part of dramatization)
Video 3, 1:24
Video 4, 4:33
Video 5 (Couldn't find)
Video 6, 5:31
Video 7, 2:34
Video 8, 3:30

Habit 5  Understand Then Be Understood:
  Empathic Listening

  Part B (Video, 4:37)
  Part C (Video, 11:44)
  Part D (Video, 12:36)
  Part E (Video, 6:53)

The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective Families

Intro (3:09)
6 videos - go from Part I (10:01)

See also:

Resources For Success.- Burchard has some good videos, Tracy is a super-expert, others...
Register for free and use the resources of StephenCovey.Com - Impressive.

Quick Summary Of The Habits!!!!!

(From the link below, link to the other habits)

From The Stephen R. Covey Community:

Habit 1 - Be Proactive - Then go from there through the habits