He is a writer who ties "life", in its many interrelated pieces, together, so that you can "get" the way life is and isn't.  The objective of what he does is shown in his book "The Essential Laws Of Fearless Living."  In that book, he takes and weaves together excerpts from the  meany books he's written over the year, to make his best book ever - and one of the best I've seen, as I underlined extensively in the book. 

It does explain life and how to live it, in terms of the right way to think and view it all. Such an understanding of life is just plain essential.

He does use a few metaphors, which you need to translate into what means something to you, and you have to converrt some phrases from the passive tense to the active tense.  See Spiritual Languaging - Sounding Like Gobbledy Gook, which helps one who is not religious or not metaphysical to translate and/or convert spiritual language to one's way of thinking.


I'm including the following to perhaps shed some light on translating some of the languaging, though he mostly uses words and concepts that don't require translatiing.

I am the Light:  I am the one who can shed the light, look at something and see it in “the light”, see if it is true.   I am the light shedder.

Love:  Strong or passionate affection for something or someone, or life and its goodness.  A good will.  When I “am” love, then I am the one generating strong, passionate affection for life or something or someone.  Instead of saying  “I am”, I could say “I generate” or I put forth love outward toward something or someone. 

Since love of life and good equals the desire for progress so that the good is caused, we can equate love with good, progress, success, contribution, etc.  Accordingly, love can include one being kind to another – or generating good for another.  Yes, there is a feeling connect with love, but it is the feeling that is generated from admiring, holding sacred, seeing the good in.

Self or True Self is, when there is a capital S, talking of your higher Self and/or your higher power and your higher brain.  If you are using your higher brain and you are “seeing” from it, then you are being your True Self, for that is all you are.  You are not the things you possess, such as your body or mind; you are that which sees, witnesses, reasons, experiences, interprets, creates.  Who I Am, In Reality.

False self – Where we assume we are our mind, including those things that we haven’t yet examined, operating as a primitive entity based on old reactive patterns.

Divine or Intelligence – Metaphorically includes all the is good and “well-ordered”, fitting together with integrity (consistent wholeness).  So nature would fit both.  And how the world works would fit both.

Passive language versus active:

Life tries to teach us what we need to know = if we keep living life and moving, we’ll find ourselves causing an undesired result – that simply means we don’t know enough to achieve the desired result, so we now have the basis to learn what we need to know. 

Events unfolding as they must or that they also serve a higher purpose - Just means that the world functions as it does and nothing else in the first phrase.  The second phrase simply means  that everything operates as it has evolved, serving a particular function (purpose).

"Beings are in a perpetual war with reality itself" is not literal.  We are always operating from things that are untrue and don't correspond to what is real - and somehow we keep holding onto the former, instead of just accepting reality, having no resistance, and living an effortless life. 

"We become image eaters" is explained I think, but it means we imagine things and then we treat them as if they are real or have some real benefit, but we end up being empty.