This page will show how virtually anyone, even someone who is relatively happy or someone with complete confidence, can benefit from this overall process.

The key obstacle is that many people are just unaware of how much of a positive contribution this type of process and this type of learning can make to their lives and to the lives of those whom they love.

You would not utilize this process if you meet all the following criteria:

___ You have no residual beliefs or conversations from your childhood that still influence you;
      you have corrected them all, completely.

___ You virtually never get upset, angry, or overwhelmed..

___ You virtually never are stressed. 

___ You are not overweight, you have great stamina and high energy, and eat a great diet, and
      your medical tests verify you are at the optimal level.

___ You have no limitations, limiting beliefs,or barriers you put in your way - and others say
      that also.

___ You have excellent emotional intelligence, understanding people and how they feel and
      what they need as well as yourself; you listen to the dials on the dashboard of your life.

___ You pass the tests and self ratings listed below at the highest mastery level and you show
      these to someone qualified to assess the relative accuracy of your ratings. 

          Take the Measurement of Success of The LifeMastery Program (and you can rate the
           effectiveness parts at the highest level) and the Construction of My LifeHome - Self-
           rating. .

Quite a few people have simply "adapted" over time to the "weights" they carry and the limitations their thinking imposes.  Essentially they have learned to run with some level of weights attached to their ankles, but they would run much faster without the weights and if they learned how to run the most efficient way.   And many would benefit from learning to run the right direction, for them, to the right "destination".  

That's the task we're addressing here.

Let's not waste a good part of our lives and our life energies!!!

Once a qualified coach or counselor has agreed that you've met all the criteria above, then you need learn no more.  But until then, I recommend that you practice LifeMastery methods, skipping over the ones you already have mastered.  There is no bigger payoff for your time.

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