Your choice.  I recommend the first. 

The first is generative.  It generates light and creation.  Life is bright.

The second sucks the energy and light out of everything.  Life is then grey...

The big "Duh!":  Well, don't ya think you oughta remove the barriers!?! (See The Two Elements To Successfully Doing Something.)


"Follow the principles and behaviors behind thriving in life, and you'll thrive.
Don't make that choice, and you'll live only a small bit of life - and at a lower quality of life."

                                                                The BuddhaKahuna 


A  (thermodynamically) closed energy system, where energy is not available to do work - the endpoint being a state of inert (motionless) uniformity.  [The opposite is "open" and "available".  If you are closed in to protect yourself, entropy will come in and do damage - and usually your energy dropping will be a sign of that.]

A disorder in a closed system, where randomness and lack of coherency create breakdown and deterioration in the system - such as in cancer.  It also occurs as a loss of information in a transmitted message, i.e. deterioration.  [The opposite lies in keeping order in a system is vital and not having yourself closed in, so new material and cleansing of the old can occur.]


We need to have blood cleansing our physical organs and parts, or "crap" accumulates and throws off the information needed for adjustment by each system, adjustment toward healthier functioning.  The "crap" also gets in the way of the system, of the cells functioning, and they begin to deteriorate and malfunction.

You can see this in today's Western world, especially the U.S., where junk food, lack of exercise, lack of drinking water, lack of sleep, etc. have created dysfunctional bodies with regard to energy and workability - high blood pressure, overweight, sugar system malfunction - and we die sooner, living a less vigorous, less good-feeling life. 

But, why do so many of us do that to ourselves?  Surely it is lack of full awareness and education, not just in the mechanics of health but giving one a full perspective on how it all fits together and how the effort to keep the system at a high functional level is worthwhile - and required, not optional in life.


I assert that life is about feeling good about ourselves and feeling good about life.

To accomplish that we need lots of "life education", far more than we get currently.
("Life education" so that we create full happiness, fulfillment, and satisfaction is the purpose of this website and organization.)

If we don't clear out the old patterns in our physical brains, we get to keep the old, dysfunctional ones, which will be repeated over and over, leading to a level of entropy, of self-destruction (of functioning and of the quality of life).  A closed system kills us emotionally and psychologically and mentally just as sure as filling up with junk food and regurgitating it and eating it again. 

Now, I ask, why can't people see that? 

Of course, the answer lies in increasing the life education of the person.  But the first requirement is for the person to be open to it.  So many are closed - and as a result they live lives that are a small fraction of what is available. 

As with the physical systems, the signs are obscured so that we don't notice it and/or we become acclimated (habituated) to it such that we no longer notice it. 


Although this may sound simplistic:  "the only way out is to open up and to go out."

In "going out", we get new information, we clease our minds and our bodies so that we are functioning at the highest level in life.

And, of course, besides learning we need to "pay attention" to what is going on and to measure it, to get feedback on how things are working, or not-working.  Indeed, the "breakfast of champions" is feedback - they get it often and adjust (improve) frequently their ability to perform - and miraculously (!) their ability to perform improves way more than their less often adjusting competitors.  (In a sense, they keep, in some different form, perhaps, the equivalent of My Journal Of Improvement.)

Drawing attention to and measuring performance

Jack Welch, one of the top businessman of all time, says, on Measuring Performance:

The basic purpose of any measurement system is to provide feedback, relative to your goals, that increases your chances of achieving these goals efficiently and effectively. Measurement gains true value when used as the basis for timely decisions.

The ultimate aim of implementing a performance measurement system is to improve the performance of the organization. If you can get your performance measurement right, the data you generate will tell you where you are, how you are doing, and where you are going. 

What Welch says is implemented by your setting up a measure against which to judge how you are doing.  And your implementation system must include a reminder system for you to do such measures on a regular basis.   At least yearly, more often for some, you'd measure everything from blood pressure, sugar metabolism, weight,
nutrition, etc. in the physical areas and do the equivalent in other areas.  (See Tests And Tracking Forms section and pick which you'll use directly or for revision into what will work best for you.)

You can't be lethargic and out of touch if you are measuring performance!  And you especially cannot be that way if you know someone else is holding you accountable!