Having a systematic program for implementing life is 100 times more powerful than doing it randomly - and it's a lot quicker!

There are four tracks, all of which integrate, but which people may want to do in a different order.  Even if you only do one, it will change your life!

1.  Just Do It Track - Set up the methods, schedules, tools, etc. to get you into gear to live a progressive lifestyle that works.  Frees up huge amounts of time for the other activities, such as the learning and improvement programs.

2. Learn And Understand Life Track - This is about creating the healthiest, most informed ways of looking at life and living it.  Absolutely the essence and core of what it takes to be happy in life.  Somewhat of a prerequisite for improving oneself, but also some people may choose to do them in tandem, going back and forth, reaping some of the special benefit from the improvement of oneself and one's life.

3.  Improve Self Operation Track - Changing how you think about and understand life, how to work your mind and body (chemicals, thoughts, etc.), how to be happy (what makes the most difference. 

4.  Life Plan Track - This is a "putting together" of many of the elements in the above tracks but more in a plan format where you can see the whole picture at once - before you dive in further.