List everything you could ever want, as if there were no limits beside humanness, even if they seem remote.  Err on the overly adventurous or even idealistic side.  

See the DreamBook for more background and information and ideas.  This form is included in that book.  Also, it is a good idea to actually keep a separate journal for dreams, with pictures, ideas, quotes, etc., that is reviewed often.

1.  List everything you want to do, experience, be, or possess.  Write as quickly as you can for 30 minutes, without censoring any thing that comes to mind. List the dreams and wants only; don’t bother with the other columns.  See the example following the forms.
2. Then keep the book handy and write in it as you think of more wants, wishes, dreams.
3.  Later, go back through your dream list and write next to each item a number indicating in how many years (mostly 1,3,4 and 10 years) you would like to accomplish this goal. 
4. After you do that, then select the top three 1, 1-5, and 5+ years goals and put them on the detailed goal sheets.  (You may also wish to rewrite your goals on a sheet of paper, grouped by the number of years the goal is set at [in Word processing, if you’ve typed it, you can use the table feature “sort” to sort by the number of years].  Then you could use the A,B,C, 1, 2, 3 prioritizing system to rate them.)

What are your top 100 desires?  Quick, write them down on the following form, as fast as you can without thinking or editing.
People you want to meet
Achievements you want to attain
Something outrageous, maybe even undoable
A mammoth achievement or victory
Dreams as a child
A great activity
A great challenge
An avocation, a hobby
Lunch, dine with who?
Seminar, conference to go to
Something inspiring
Something touching, moving
Famous for something
Expressing my values
Laugh, play, do goofy things

MY LIST (K) - I wrote them down and then reorganized it by area.


The Life Management Institute
    Great scholarships for super wisdom and effectiveness training
    Getting great ongoing funds, operating at $10 million a year or more
    To bring the most effective resources to more people at no cost, so that people are
         operating at the highest level in that resource's area of expertise.
Partner with Oprah 
Partner with the Gates Foundation
Dramatically improve 1 million plus lives and greatly affect the world by so doing.  To have
   them thriving in life virtually fearless and with true contentment and deep happiness
Network of Dream Managers 
Super office, videoing, recording 
Build super-site, great content, forms, books, drop down menus, electronic test scoring,     
   additional materials designed by the super-experts 
Write 5+ excellent life books that are practical and very beneficial 
Be a world-renowned practical philosopher 
A world conference where great leaders aligned behind this type of approach
Wisdom Life-Effectiveness groups started and maintained world-wide to a new paradigm of
   effectiveness in producing lives of happiness, satisfaction, and fulfillment
Mitt Romney running an "effectiveness" organization, raising money and doing good worldwide.
Read the really great wisdom and practical effectiveness books
Putting together video lists that truly educate and/or tremendously inspire
To hook up businesses to sponsor poor sections of a city with incentives, materials, tools
To hook in with Salman Khan to create educational videos and system for life education - and       to transform people's values and character

Charitable, Service

Leave $1 million plus to charitable causes 
Asked to be overall independent planner for the United States to set realistic agenda
To build up $10 million plus more from books, royalties, etc., to enable empowering charities


Live to 100+ healthily
Super healthy 200 lbs (6'5")

How I Operate In Life

Super-centered, non-distracted, powerfully focussing on what matters
Able to travel, etc., but always exercising and staying in great shape, rested, connected with
   the world, still writing and videoing (ala Robin Sharma).

Education, Learning

To attend top level conferences of top experts, and their workshops.
To be with the wisest in terms of effectiveness in what is important in life
To really learn how to harvest current technology in terms of using it to further my


Keep one I have, a great person (The "Happy Woman")


South Africa, game
European River Cruise 
Back to England
Back to Switzerland


Move to Napa model, stay on open space or golf course.
Super book shelves 
BMW 600 series convertible
Beautiful yard and plants
A great outdoor area for relaxation, writing, etc., beautifully decorated and furnished

People - Meet or associate with

Jack Canfield
Dalai Lama
Matthieu Ricard
Jon Huntsman, Sr.
Others on my most admired list (Such as in Great 'Men', But Did They Live Great Lives?.)
Time with my brother, sister-in-law, sister, old childhood friend, my "psychological visibility"
   special friend
Time with inspiring people, good people
Contributing to and inspiring others to live their greatest lives (in terms of happiness,
  satisfaction, and fulfillment


Simply appreciate all I have done and where I have been, and my many experiences (in About Founder)


To sit in the warm sun most days and enjoy the outdoors, looking over the golf course, with
   the water cascading down to the pond  
My weekly visit to the bookstore with my special beverage
Time with my Sweetheart
To learn to sing with a great, wonderful sounding voice
Dining at Meridian's with the beautiful view 
My almost daily visits to the gym, reading on the treadmill 
Walks around beautiful areas and beautiful neighborhoods
Looking at beautiful pictures, works of art, beautiful videos  
Watching touching, inspiring movies

Planning Contents/Links 

My Dreams, Desires, Aspirations, And Things I Care About - Lists the workbooks, forms, examples, etc. to link to.

Form for: My Dreams List.  

Comprehensive workbooks, with forms and examples:

DreamBook - Ultimate workbook

My Ideal Life Workbook   _____________

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