Keith has spent a huge amount of time searching for, as one friend put it, the "Holy Grail", of running life so it all works

He has read and scanned thousands of books and attended many seminars in the "in search of" mode.  He did all this while pursuing a rather successful, but over-achievement-oriented, career, mostly in Wealth Management (including especially the planning strategies).  [His once stated goal of perfection was definitely not the way to go!]

AND he never quite had the time nor the guidance nor the process to "put it all together", to get rid of the anxieties instead of trying to manage them.

This website represents his final completing of the process, for himself and for those of you who choose to fully utilize "the LifeManagement Process".  This is what he wished he had had, rather than the fragmented, time-intensive, on again and off again approach he experienced.  AND he recognizes that it must include the expertise of others who have delved deeply into some key areas - so he has "allied", in a sense, by referring you to the relevant resources that will fit your needs. 


His Mission/Purpose in his life is: 

     To help people love the lives they live and
                           to create the lives they love
                           for themselves and others whom they care about.   

He intends to meld the practicality of all he has learned about business with the wisdom and teachings in the personal areas, such that people become extremely effective, without barriers and limitations, in achieving what people specifically want, especially Happiness.   The personal areas he intend to help people dramatically improve in include

Psychological well-being,
A strong philosophical foundation, and
Effective personal life management. 

He believes that this work will help at least a small percentage of people who can and will make a large difference in the world and for others they influence.   For those who do less work and have less exposure, it is intended that they can achieve much greater happiness for themselves, in proportion to the amount of effort they put into it - but this work is intended to enable them to get exceptionally good results per amount of effort, far beyond that of other means.


He is doing this at no cost to "payback" the world for all he has been blessed with, with everlasting gratitude.  He urges those who benefit from this to "pay it forward" to others by providing scholarships and/or other help to others whom they wish to benefit.


His intent is to set up "The Life Management Institute,"  which would provide scholarships and resources to help people to live life much more effectively via various learning modes. 

It is planned that each person would complete a basic set of questionnaires so that a Life Plan could be set up, naming the resources to use and what to do in the order it is to be done. 

Eventually, he intends to seek funding for the institute to hire the top people in the field to set up free on-line educational programs, including videos (perhaps with various heroes purporting certain principles and character).  There is no limit to what this could contribute to the world, for what have we gained if we have educated people to operate computers if they are also not living the lives they could and/or are into drugs or other addictions.  Your support in finding funding for such an endeavor is what he would ask of any who benefit from this site.  (That's one way you can pay it forward.)


The information provided below is not for the purposes of being "about Keith" but is for the purposes of having you see whether there are any credible experiences and successes that might suggest that Keith would be likely to have the ability to achieve the objectives above, in a practical, well-grounded way.  His belief is that he can combine the effectiveness of business techniques with creative ways of dealing with the personal aspects of life and that he is capable of synthesizing what will work, given sufficient time and resources to do so.

Exposure to growth and personal development workshops/disciplines: (not all listed)

Challenge For Change
Erhard Seminar Training (EST), numerous followup seminars
Marshall Thurber
Gestalt, Psychological, Rational Behaviorist, Hypnotism, Reichian...
Barksdale Foundation
Scientology technology exposure
Stephen Covey, Robert Rutherford, Jay Abraham, Bill Good, Tom Gau...
Lifespring, all the way thru Leadership program
Maria Nemeth, Managing Life's Energies thru "Being Coach"
Landmark, multiple workshops including 9 month "Wisdom" course
The Strategic Coach - Outside the box thinking, super productivity
Tony Robbins, Firewalk thru The Mastery Course
Multiple business consultants and personal coaches (see Resources section)
The Option Institute (Massachusetts) - Summer sequence (5 weeks) plus
   two more weeks.  The top workshops for overall life www.option.org
Used a guiding "guru"
Business/personal coaches - Sacramento (two different ones), one national,
   one from another state
Burchard High Performance Academy and Experts Academy
Certified High Performance Coach Academy.


Laborer - Summers at housing tracts in high school (helped resolve never to    do that again!
Brief exposure to manufacturing (Assistant to the President)
Summer at major plane/rocket firm - Realigned systems, saved $
Summer Thorndike, Doran, Paine, And Lewis - Investment firm
Good exposure to sales training and concepts
Management consultant
CPA (national honors on the CPA exam)
Business manager
Professor of Accounting (rated highest by students)
Financial Advisor
   Rookie of the Year for two major national organizations
   Record-setting top Senior Account Executive in a very short period of
       time Chairman of the Senior Account Executives
   Advisory board to the President, both at Eq. and IR
   Invited into and participated for years in exclusive top advisor group of
   In seminars on a wide range of topics, including many quite technical
       ones, has spoken in front of 1,000's of individuals and many
   Certified Financial Planner 
   Certified Fund Specialist
   Certified Investment Management Consultant
   Sold business at age 57 to pursue the objectives in this site; sale cited in
       national magazine as one of the most significant and largest


Occidental College, Physics and Math
Brigham Young University, B.S. Economics - Head teaching assistant
Universidad de Las Americas, Mexico City
Universidad de Barcelona, Spain
Harvard University, Economics
Stanford Graduate School of Business, MBA (Honors), Investments and
   Corporate Finance majors

Travel and exposure to different cultures

   South Africa
   China, Hong Kong
Australia, New Zealand, Fiji
   Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Prague, Budapest etc.
   Greece, Istanbul, Russia, Ephesus
   Italy (a few times)
   Netherlands (Holland...)
   Spain (lived there for six weeks), Portugal
Mexico (lived there for six weeks once)
   Cancun, Puerta Vallarta, Los Cabos, Acapulco, Guadalajara, Mexico City,   
      Tijuana, Rosarita Beach, etc.
Middle East
    Dubai, Abu Dhabi
South America
    Panama Canal
    Peru, the Amazon jungles, Galapagos Islands
    Machu Picchu
    South South America, Chile, Argentina, Falklands
   Bermuda (several times)
   Caribbean, several times, Panama Canal, Colombia
   Hawaii, 12+ times
   Tahiti, Bora Bora, Moorea
U.S., Alaska
400+ different cities, and other countries also

Working With Keith 

About The Site, The Alliance, The Founder 

Personal pages - From his LifePlan to his life strategies to his views...

"I've already lived a full life.  It's completed.  Life #1, that is.

Now I live Life #2 strictly for benefiting others, so that they can live truly happy lives and also contribute to others whom they care about, to have them live very happy, effective lives.

Yes, I will assure for myself that I am happy as I go, but I know how to fill myself up thoroughly in very little time, so that I am free to spend most of my day working on creating the means for individuals to create great lives, beyond what they might have seen as possible."