In construction, but use the following:

The level of monthly planning is, of course, optional.  However, you should at least have an overview of the month, with a peek into what tickles (and projects) there are for the next month.
There should be no project start that is left untickled (with an alarm that alerts you and/or with an actual entry in the calendar).  Must be zero doubt that you have everything necessary tickled!

Checklist to review these items:

__ Additional free days to schedule, beyond those already scheduled.

Improve, fix

__ What do I have to give up in order to get more benefits from my priorities?
__ Messes to clean up - Schedule or tickle when!
__ Systems to upgrade - Must not be allowed to slip



Review my State Management to recalibrate for higher energy.  (Not doing it right now, but inserting it into my calendar, for a lower energy period.)

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Checklist - Practices, Principles Adherence

Weekly Planning
Consider using

Daily Monitoring Sheet (For a month) - Habits, practices, results, etc.
Month-by-day - Overview by calendar day, viewing all the month's days, also a two month overview.