TBA, some editing possibly, but ready to use now

This is a form that shows the idea of what everyone should set up for themselves to help walk them through all the necessary pieces for reviewing the prior week and planning the next week.   Like daily planning, this will save much wasted or less-well-used time.  It is the most essential of the planning exercises, although the planning exercises for days, months, quarters, and years are all high payoff.

I keep a copy of this form in my Current Operating Notebook, but I have a link address in my notes within the "Weekly planning - c notes" appointment in my electronic calendar, so that I can just pull it up easily wherever I am. 


Actual form:  Weekly Planning And Review List.  I reference this web page (instead of using that form) on my electronic calendar, in my appointment for weekly planning.  The form is recreated here, roughly, but use the form, if you wish, by linking to the above link - and then modify it as you wish.  
Subject to change; modify to work for you or use until you have time to modify.

Week of:  ___/___/___

REVIEW:  (See below.)

Procedure (in process, meanwhile just use the checklist, as it is, essentially, a procedure).

Spend an hour at least, up to an hour and a half or even two!

__ Review overall to do list in my planning software program, redo tickles and list as
__ Review any unclassified notes (try to do most of this before this)
__ See and link to the accountability sheets being used:
        Via The Current Operating Notebook):  Weekly accountability log and Physical
             monitoring log
__ Journal: What was good about last week?   What would I change about it for
    the future?   (Irritations, concerns, issues...)
__ What things done last week were not completed and need to be on to do list?
               Such as going to a seminar or class or ? and not reviewing the notes and getting the information into
                    action or practice.
__ Review prior week's calendar to see what is undone, drag it forward (or delete)
__ Review your current week's calendar


___ Plan top 5 activities  (from 2 task lists); insert BIG ROCKS first, into calendar:
          Or just do it by writing on the scheduled task list and from that entering it in the work week’s schedule.

IMP         ACTIVITY             START DATE                   HRS
                                                               TOTAL THIS WEEK  NEXT WEEK

(Must be scheduled!)  Roles - Organize by roles you have in life and in work and decide what to put in each one for the week. (Roles defined )

                                                  ACTIVITY                              DAY

FUN (Activities Listing)
RELATIONSHIP (idea checklist)

__ Fill out your week with what you’ll do, always leaving some spaces.
    __ Weekend is planned       __ Bedtime is set      __  Exercise is built in       
    __  Time set for weekly planning  Best to have a standard time and have it built into the                                       electronic calendar to be done at a specific weekly appointment time.
    __ Schedule free day

Review of prior week:  (Top 3-5 wins, losses, what will do about them, key lessons learned, gratitude for what occurred or noticed during the week, anything else noticed or wish to address)

Regular (or frequent) daily activities to build into the calendar, not already tickled

    Write up notes
    To do’s personally, house, etc.
    Fun activities
    Growth activities
    Self care – see list in following pages

Standard procedural every week: (This will be inserted, or it will be replaced by this checklist above if no separate procedure is deemed necessary.)


Building in time for


___ Something fun
___ Something nurturing
___ Something healthy
     ___ Massage
     ___ Walk
     ___ Walk with partner, friend
     ___ Exercise aerobically
___ Something stress-reducing 
     ___ Massage
     ___ Warm bath    
     ___ Relax each muscle
     ___ Be still for at least two minutes
     ___ Meditate
     ___ Breathe deeply and slowly for 2 minutes

LEARNING, PROGRESSING (Insert into calendar!)

__ Personal development books, cds, materials for the week:

__ Skills working on for the week: 

__ Good habit/practice for the week: 

__ Improve systems, procedures, organization, etc.: 


Some people will want to insert these into their standard weekly forms, as reminders or "bring to top-of-mind".

Top 3 goals for
   The year (as a reminder)
Who I will be this week:  

Am I living up to my standards in
   __ Authenticity
   __ Organization
   __ Integrity

Top events for the upcoming week
Tracking form for weekly habits, regular activities


Notes, to be altered and redone, later:

Read Why You Should Do Weekly Planning.

___ Use standard labeled folders for items in parentheses, below
___ Print out “weekly calendars” - Forms at Templates, filled in examples  
     This week and next week.   Have standard week format Best to staple inside the file folder, front page, for easy reference relative to the week.  and other standard                   formats While the quarterly items or standard monthly items should already be tickled into the calendar or task lists, stapling those into the inside back of the weekly calendars file folder would be useful for easy reference. 

___ Print out tasks – “master task list”
                            - “master scheduled tasks list”

To Monthly Planning

The Weekly Review And Planning Procedure - Use this as a checklist to follow.

Having A Standard Week - Examples - This is how to structure a week to be more productive and happy.

Week by hour blank - If you want to set up a week or use it for creating a standard week.   
My Standard Week - For reference - but it would be already blocked in my calendar, automatically repeating so it is instantly referenceable, though you'd keep a copy in your "current planning" notebook. Use "week by hour blank form", above, looking at example below.
Filled in examples

Example Of Actual Standard Week Template Filled In - (Document) Not ideal, but you'll get the idea. The use of coloring for different types of activities is helpful for visualizing how it all fits together.

For several weeks

Week By Week Planning Overview - Projects list, then a Gannt chart where you allocate the time by week for all the projects, and even 13 weeks by day of the week.

Month/Qtr/Year - By week for two months, by the month for the year, and in a listing of activities each day for a month.

Best Products With Formats

Living Your Best Year Ever- Darren Hardy - Covers the specific plan this very successful man devised for himself.  Excellent.  Plus monthly and quarterly forms and a lifeplan, including a plan for the year.

Notes just for me

The basic idea:

Review the prior week and "complete it" - transfer over what still needs to be done, schedule it or at least put it on a sequential list. (The checklist below will take you through what to review.)
Write down (or look at to do lists) what you want to accomplish for the next week.
Enter everything you will do into your weekly calendar (using the standard time blocks, such as Example)