To be placed in the front of a journal or to be linked to on this site, to refer to to guide you in what to write. Print to the size of one sheet.  (Use of a tree outline computer system can also offer an "at a glance" reminder - see Computer Journal - Organized Tree Outline Formats.   Schedule in your planning days or in a separate day to review the key notes and to harvest them. (Write it in your calendaring system right this minute.)


Victories, every single one, no matter how small.

Kindnesses I attempted, good that I did (no matter how small seeming)

Pleasant experiences

What I noticed that I was grateful for (3+ things, in others, in self, in the world)

Goals, What I Want

Values, standards - Did today, what's important.


What I noticed that I might improve on (and when will I do so?)

What were my thoughts and feelings in that situation today?  (Should I look at it using a problem solving form to do so, so it is more complete?)   How could I have done it better?

Am I spending my time where it has the most value for me?  Where did I waste it or get poor value? (Cues? Physical, tired, low energy, stressed out, etc.?)  What do I need to insert more into?

Identify Models And Examples

Who did a model behavior today and what was it? How can I implement that in my life?

Who should I be with more?  Who is a model? Supportive?  (And schedule it in...)  Who should I not be with or be with less?

From The Improvement Journal:

What undesired result did I get?

Is there a story?  What Happened, actually (what's so, what's next?)?

How could I have been cause in the matter?

Is this lack of a desired effect due to a racket

Apply the breakdown/breakthrough format?

What can I learn from this?

What beliefs could have contributed to this?  Are they true, absolutely true? 
     See The Truth Test.    
What belief can I correct now?  (See Dealing With And Changing Beliefs.)

(When you need to go further and deeper.)

Problem-Solving Forms - First consider the ones in bold letters, selecting the level of depth.

Format For Working On A Racket

Use the simple version or the super form:  Using The Rational Analysis Super-Form - "Perfecting" The Skill 

2 columns:  What happened?
                 What could I have done differently
                     and/or what have I learned?

Always "complete" each item, with an action and a posting at least to a to do list or on a checule.

Compare yourself to what you might be doing better by using the Checklists For Running Your Life.

With only necessary exceptions, where did I tell my story, repeat the past instead of looking forward and being progressive, or use excuses, reasons-why-not, justifications.

Wasted time.

Failed to take excellent care of myself, keeping myself in high functioning balance all day.

In what other way did I sell myself short and do less for my benefit than I could have (within the constraints of reasonability and of taking care of myself)?
How did I breathe today?

What was my posture when I felt that way?

Where did I hold tension in the body?

When was I tired and didn't rest?

When did I violate the physical rules?

Did I allow myself to get out of high functioning balance into dysfunction and harming of the body? 
(Costs Of Destabilization - Sleep, Sugar, Emotional Chemistry - And from this we get cancer...)