tba, to be drafter further, but read links and you'll get the idea.

Let's shake up a bunch of myths here.

Facts:  You need to eat and have shelter.
          In the US, without alot of effort, anyone can get what one needs.
          There is so much misery created around money that it affects our lives
             inordinately, unrealistically, and unnecessarily.
          There is nothing to worry about.
          In fact, we are blessed.     


That we need more money to be happy. (See the studies under Happiness.)

That what others see related to our having money or income is not something of actual importance.

That we will be miserable if we don't have our wants that we think are important met, as most are utterly falsely created needs.  (Read Needs.)


We can easily make enough money to meet our needs.

We need to "re-create" what we believe are our needs, primarily just lining them up with reality.  We need to determine what reality is, which few do in this area.  Part of this is in the section around Lifestyle and how we can create what is needed in a way that best merges with what is truly most impactful on our lives in terms of happiness.

We have the ability to put enough hours into a field to be able to make decent enough money - and to work less than half-time (not including the government-support-me strategy, which also is workable).