Helped me go forward, influenced me
To those who have benefitted my life
For the teaching and what I learned

I really can't put these in any order of importance, for these individuals all had an enormous influence on my life.  See also "People Who Inspire Me."


Don G. - My brother, who is the most incredible examply of integrity, wanting to do the best for others and the world and for doing the best job possible.  He started me on the process of reading about life.  He supported me by believing that I was a great man, a priceless gift.

Linda P. - My sister, who survived a tough life to succeed greatly and to be wise and great to be around.

Janet G. - My sister-in-law, for many things, including her incredible tenacity and ability to get things done and organized and her great conversational ability and a feeling of intimacy.

Dad - For his inspiration as a great success in amassing millions back in the '50's and '60's and for his ability to still live a good life after the great financial fall.  He was a great example of friendliness, charisma, great jokes, taking time off to have fun, living life boldly.  He always supported and took care of us.

Mom - The biggest influence, since she was around the most.  She was an angel, so super  conscientious, urging us to "be good", supporting us to learn and succeed.

"Bobby" S.- And his wife, Joyce.  For their example of how to live a life and cope with what life brings.  Both are psychologists, contributing much to the world, including volunteering for overseas duty to help soldier with post traumatic stress syndrome.   With regard to my not sticking to any one relationship, he counseled "Remember Sissiphus."  I could only vaguely remember, but he was the mythical character who pushed the boulder almost to the top of the hill, only to have it roll back down and have him repeat the process, over and over.

Billie J. - An incredible assistant and in reality a true partner, who helped orchestrate my success, by "doing it all", including managing me in my overwork and tunnel vision, so that we were sure to plan ahead.  And for her leadership of all of the staff and setting up the paradigm of supporting "the star".   A wonderful example of warmth, lovingness, effectiveness, and leadership. 

Marie C. - A wise, very loving woman with no "agenda" or hostility, and alot of practicality in her life and a great philosophy.  Her biggest statement "I am in Heaven."

Connie. - For her inspiring climb out of the abyss of her earlier life and tenaciousness in "growing" by eagerly engulfing herself  in books, tapes, and workshops - and following through on the homework I gave her.  She rose to being one of the wisest and perhaps the most loving woman I know. And for being a valued friend.

Roseann - For being a true friend, though initially a client.  For her inspiring generosity to her very, very large extended family.  For her wisdom and rationality and for being a great example in business.  For her rise from challenging earlier parts of her life.

Marlys - For being a bright shining eager beaver and great cheerleader and coach for others.  One of the most caring people I've ever known.  And instantly likable and very funloving, making great impressions even from just an initial meeting.

Secord Study Group - For all the national leaders in this group, who inspired me,  raised me up, and shared great teachings and totally shared their business details.  Kudos and gratitude to each of you. You set great examples not only of the ability to be successful, but also of integrity.

To my favorite ongoing client - For trusting me and allowing me to do so much over the years.  For your commitment to create the greatest benefits for your children and future generations.  For your great examples of how to be gracious and  how to be friends and how to have lots of fun in life.

Richard - For being my guru in philosophy, psychology, life, and relationships.  And for supporting me in going forth to teach success in life.

Joan - For being my "success" teacher and counselor in life, and for being a true friend.

Dr. Savage, English teacher in high school, for introduction to excellence and to reading significantly meaningful books.

Dr. Richard Wirthlin, head of the Dept. of Economics at BYU.  Excellence personified, later a presidential pollster.  Thanks for his confidence in having me teach the graduate economics class that I was also a student in, while he was out of town for a bit.   And for writing me a recommendation for Harvard and Stanford biz schools, saying I was one of his top 5 students of all time.

The Professors At Stanford Biz School - For excellence, for the challenge, and for teaching what was effective and practical.  And for contributing to my efforts to start the "Best Business Books To Read", which continued for more than 10 years in the business school magazine.

Floyd L. McElroy - For being so generous as to set up your fellowships, when I was penniless and needed money to finish at Stanford.


In addition to those who have had direct influence on having me go forward, these are are major others who have given me much to be grateful for.

Judy and Jeanette A., my cousins, as described in People Who Inspire Me.  They were great "sisters" as we grew up together, and inspiring as they cavorted with the stars and took on various creative and inspiring endeavors.

Wonderful Companions In Love - For providing the beauty and heighth of emotion that elevated me, that was so memorable and meaningful.  For some of my most precious memories.  And especially for the woman I loved the most...

For being my friend, sometimes as we passed in and out of each other's lives.  Some of them who played a more significant role, in alpha order:  Bob, Claudia, Dallas, Darlene, Dick, Doris, Ellen, Jerry (at Harvard), Kent, Linda D., Ray, Rosemary, Shandhi, Stevie (and those at Stanford Biz).  And the open, sharing "FIA"" ongoing group members.  And my friends at the summer sequence at The Option Institute, who inspired me immensely and for the ex-monk, inspiring woman who exuded compassion and intimacy.

To my long term clients - I miss many of you.  All of you have been successes.  You've shared your lives and trusted me.  And you've added wisdom and inspiration  to my life.  I have felt like we were actually friends.


Tony Robbins - For his great books, masterful seminars (at times a bit over the top).
Although all of the workshops were shocking and/or stimulating, his Date With Destiny was highly impactful.
John Hanley, Sr. - For creating LifeSpring, where my experience in the Advanced course was the most impactful and touching in my life, in the role of "the servant". 
Werner Erhard - For the breakthrough  wisdom and impact of EST (and his continuing contribution to the world).
Landmark Education - For its compilation of "what works" in life and its ability to be the most attended (millions) "life education" class in the world - and most highly evaluated by a broad base of participants, from the poor to top execs at companies, to world leaders, to regular people who gained "realizations" and mended many relationship, and on and on.  My admiration for persisting in the face of opposition from irrational or unknowing critics.
Barry Neal Kaufman And The Option Institute - For putting together great and challenging workshops that taught much and for the Power Dialogue consulting sessions.  For helping me consolidate much of my knowledge and wisdom and for helping me make a very difficult decision in my life.
L. S. Barksdale - For an incredibly beneficial, especially at the time when I most needed it, philosophical structure for life, for the breakthrough thinking, for self esteem and for happiness.  As good as the Buddha, and more directly applicable.  Ultimately, I was priviliged to buy out all of his copyrights, after his death.
Dr. Stephen Covey - For writing one of the best so-called business books, which remained a best seller for decades.  It was actually a book for anyone who needed more wisdom and direction (which is everyone):  The Seven Habits Of Highly Effective People.   Plus his great workshops and other books.
Brian Tracy - The most prolific writer and producer of audios in the world, in combination on financial, business,  and  personal  life.  Incredible contribution.
The Strategic Coach - For teaching me more about how to be a calm, more powerful business person and owner.
Buddha - For his straight thinking, compassion and for formulating the basis for alleviating suffering of our fellow human beings.
The Dalai Lama - For his compassionate and "no fault" thinking, and his calm, centered demeanor.  And for his wisdom.
Gandhi - For his strength and wisdom.