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This type of training is certainly deserving of a page/section of its own, for the great value delivered, per the scientific studies, received from participating in them.   Note that there are similarities in philosophies about 'what works in life' with the Landmark Education trainings, though a different teaching approach.  LifeSpring type trainings are more experiential, whereas Landmark is more philosophical-search-for-the-truth Socratic method teaching.   Both are good and useful and people should sample some of each.  

(It is interesting to note some of the writings of the 'reactors' or the 'paranoids' who think that mind training is akin to running a cult - but neither of these have any ongoing requirements, though a small percentage do contribute ongoingly by volunteering to assist in the mechanics of running a workshop and of marketing/selling to potential trainees.   Some zealots, but it all is totally harmless, but very, very valuable.)  

See Life Education, for an overall discussion of this area. 


I found both of these types of trainings to be profoundly valuable.  The LifeSpring Basic course (now with various other names, but still the 'beginning' course) resulted in my making 54 decisions about life, especially where I was tolerating living, working, and being at a lower level.  

The Advanced course was the most moving experience I have ever had in my life (see the experiences I have had under About The Founder).   No one can adequately convey the level of learning and the impact of it on the participants.  I was highly self confronted when I and three others were appointed as our 'challenge' (to expand from limited thinking) to, in about 3 1/2 hours, gather a buffet for the 70 participants, serving it in a tux (we had to convince others at the costume place to let us in line in order to meet our deadline), plus a profound experience of "serving" - we did it - and the ultimate experience that followed but was attached to it had me deeply, deeply moved and touched and inspired - like no other.  Other participants had other 'challenges' that were directed toward what was an issue for each person.  An incredible training.  

I also participated in the "Leadership Program", which had the participants developing ways to practice this in life, with alot of it (similar to Landmark's) being around supporting the functioning of the organization to serve more people (and keep the costs down) and 'enrolling' people into taking the Basic course.  The latter, of course, is a necessary function, though some people in their (what I see as) limited thinking objected to that.  It is symbiotic (life supporting, just as nature is).  


At this time, the training is done in various organizations around the country, but with John Hanley, Jr., reviving a follow on organization of the one his father had founded.

Organizations offering Lifespring trainings:  Since this now has independent trainers certified around the world, there is mostly no central organization, and these links may become obsolete, but here are some listings of certified trainers:

Licensed Trainers 
Lifespring Training Companies 
See also, on this site, Which Books To Read For More Effective Learning .


Lifespring Distinctions - It is absolutely essential for humans who want to acquire wisdom to learn "distinctions" (to see differences, but more deeply).  Landmark graduates will note the similarities, as there are basic to life.   You'll find these are consistent with much of Buddhism also.  Study these.  Better yet, set up a notebook (and/or a section of your computer memory where you can access these, using a master page so that you know which concepts to go to).  

Consider reading also the book by the original founder:  LifeSpring: Getting Yourself From Where You Are To Where You Want To Be, John Hanley.


See "Transformation Is Effective, Understandable, And Not Strange At All" article.


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