As discussed in the section titled Life's Basics, Education, And Wisdom and on the sister website ( in even more depth, we do not learn life quickly enough and we learn it at a very low level compared to what we could learn and use to make ourselves much more happy!

The venue (means to) that works to have one experience a large leap forward is in the life education trainings.  You get an organized and quick dose of how your thinking and way of living could be at a much higher level.  Almost all (except for the super calloused, though it reaches many of them) participants say their lives have been measurably improved.  It has proven worth, so what else can I say?  "A word to the wise is sufficient."

A term that is often used for the effects of these training, but a word that is often misinterpreted, is transformational, as the training literally result in the participant changing the form of how they are thinking and how they are living. See the
article:   Transformation.

See the Landmark Education site to view the small video excerpts of some of the concepts in their training, plus you can get a much bigger dose in the free webinarson Option Institute's site.   See Option Institute And Barry Neil Kaufman page on this site.


See for immediate training: The free webinars on Option.orgSee especially the one on "Strategies For Breaking Your Patterns."

TRANSFORMATIONAL LIFE EDUCATION:  These are effective in changing viewpoints and understandings about life - one of the most valuable areas to put your effort toward, as it can increase the quality of life more than you might anticipate.

Master Listing - Compiled by Life Coach Tracy A. Phaup, listing a great number of organizations you may wish to contact and/or check out.

Aspire - The training comes highly recommended for all who have taken it.  Take a look at their offerings in workshops.

LANDMARK EDUCATION -  Essential life training.  The Forum, a workshop standing on its own, is the most widely recognized workshop in the field. It also has the best ongoing life education program of its genre.  See the Landmark Page that cites various studies and the content that has produced the results, which also links into, the organization's website.  See the syllabus to see how reasonable the training is.


Now distributed to trainers scattered around the country - Using the LifeSpring trainers, Lifespring training is one of the most powerful of all training in terms of
compassion, deep connection, relating, powerfully running your life.  The LifeSpring  training held the greatest impact of any training I've ever taken.  (The old saying:  LifeSpring is for the Heart, Landmark is for the Head - both are excellent and both should be taken.)

See my overview and my experience with LifeSpring. - Started up by John Hanley, Jr., after the right to use the
methodology was sold off or given to others.
    List of Organizations Using Lifespring Training Methodology - Use this list
        to locate one near you or do an internet search for "Lifespring Training" and
        add nearest big city. (It might not be updated over time.)


Klemmer And Associates - Courses that include experiential learning in a highly practical way for individuals and businesses.  Exceptional review.  Changes the belief systems that are the key to overcoming the barriers to progress.

Mastering Life's Energies - I've taken this and found it to be useful.  It receives many raves from many of its participants.  The cost seems to me to be too high, but those with plenty of money may find it to be useful.  Again, one must be a fairly open, non-cynical type person to feel comfortable with this approach.  Much of it is quite practical.

OPTION INSTITUTE - Located in Massachusetts at an 83+ acre retreat center with lodging and complete meals, this non-profit organization creates through week long programs many impactful changes in one's viewpoints about life.  See their website:  Give this a priority in your life.  (They have a number of books and cd's they've created.)  Evaluation.

      See the free webinars on their site!  See especially the one on "Strategies
          For Breaking Your Patterns."

Tony Robbins - A different, highest energy and get your butt-in-gear approach - and one that is very effective in impact and content is the unique inimitable approach of Tony Robbins.  It actually does have subtances - and you'll not let yourself be anything but powerful after any Robbins experience.  See Tony Robbins page.

One of the greatest trainings of all time occurred with EST.  EST and Werner Erhard

See the list of current trainings, below.