OTHER INSPIRING PEOPLE IN THIS WORLD (and people whose lives I am most drawn to)
(See also Acknowledgements For Those Who Have Influenced Me And Helped Me Move Forward.) 


Those who are "blood".  (In alphabetical order, not order of impact.)

I was fortunate and blessed to have great parents, siblings, and two close cousins...

Dad - An example of fortitude and ambition, yet totally able to party and enjoy life, flying off to Vegas in his private plane, lots of friends, made lots of money.  I admired him so, throughout life.  He gave me a drive for achievement and success

Don G. - My brother, so incredibly committed to being gentle and kind and to serving his fellow human beings.  So very sensitive to doing the very right thing for people, which at times got in the way as he had to choose to not do some things that would have been lucrative but, in his case, would have cost him his soul - he held to his values with the utmost intregrity.  He so loves and admires his wife Janet.

Janet - Don's wife, and forever a permanent part of my heart and my life.  She was totally committed to doing what was right, often at great cost to herself.  She was totally able to share closely with people and listen and be with them, so that they felt included and endeared and relaxed and warm and forever her friend.

Jeanette A. - My dearly loved cousin, who was always positive and in-charge, not compromising her good principles, and fiercely committed to supporting her family and her friends and clients.  From artistic beginnings, she became a heckuva businesswoman.
      A poem I wrote immediately after hearing of her death:  Existence
      A Remembrance For Jeanette - Jeanette's eulogy, mostly written by Judy 
      My Personal Remembrances Of Jeanette - Some notes, more than 35,759,000
      From her friend Liz    

Judy A. - My dearly loved cousin, twin sister of Jeanette, creative, fine photography, Tarot, expert on astrology, vibrant, positive, always looking out for the good of people, always uplifting for me to be around, one of my favorite persons in the whole world.

Linda - My dear sister, ever so sweet and her husband Jim's "Princess".  From a hard early adult life, with two children, working at Bob's Big Boy to learning and climbing to a position of being the controller at Leisure World!  In the process, she stuck to her integrity about people, friends, and family.  She gained great wisdom and an ambiance of peacefulness, where I always felt so relaxed and at home being around her, just "hangin'" out together.

Mom - Always so conscientious and gentle and kind, trying so hard to make sure that we were taken care of, that we had great values and knew how to sound out the alphabet and be good students.  From her, we learned to be caring and sensitive with people and to do things well in life, to excell.

Me - The super-learner, super-achiever, committed to creating a way of thinking, being, and achieving that would create great happiness for people.  His grand vision was one of changing the world, merging integrity, business effectiveness concepts, and what works to create a special wonderfulness to life.  The story is unfinished, but full of possibilities. (See "founder", in search engine.)

Others who I've known and admired and appreciated

I've admired more than these, but these have in some way been particularly impactful.

Marie C. - Though chronologically older, she is younger by many years.  Always loyal and supportive, such that she has many who know her and support her.  Always willing to learn more and to become even wiser, yet already very wise.  She is, if you put it into the search engine, the "Happy Woman", which is truly her way of being, already "living in Heaven".  See the exercise routine she did every morning.  At this rate, she'll live forever.

Billie J. - My assistant and in a way my partner in business, leading me and others in doing a great job for clients and all concerned.  Putting up with my narrowed vision and creating planning and focussing time.  Set up the paradigm holding me as "The Star", to be supported.  She had a remarkable ability to create instant rapport.  Always supportive and loving to people.

Marlys T. - So committed to helping others, a true cheerleader and supporter of people.  Conscientious to a fault.  An "eager beaver", enthusiast, partying "mountain woman".  People delight to be around her.  Incredibly supportive of her son.  The epitome of trying to do what is right in life and in the world.

R. - For caring about people and for contributing (hugely) to them, moneywise and personally, for helping them living better lives. Extraordinary person!  See A Special Friend Who Is An Inspiration To Me.

D. M. - For his genuine liking for people and for his caring about family, and to set themselves up to do the right thing in life.

B. - For contributing to the psychological well-being of so many and for being such a good friend, more like a brother, to me over the years.  A wise and caring person.  And I am grateful for his wife and her support and goodness.

M. C. - The person who I call on the site The Happy Woman.  True to her values, reading all sorts of deep books, exploring life, hugely caring and accepting and loving.


I've also separated people from my larger list of admired people into the piece: Great "Men" But Did They Live Great Lives?   I have lots of links to pages I have created for these people, so go to that to link to many of the people below.)

(Simply look these people up in Wikipedia or google them.)

Mathieu Ricard ("The happiest man in the world.")
Stephen Covey - Author of the longest lasting best seller in business books, more
    than 30 years, The Seven Habits Of Highly Effective People, a principle-based
    person and great teacher of wisdom.
L.S. Barksdale - A man of incredible wisdom, created after he retired.  (See my site on him!)
The Dalai Lama
Nelson Mandela
Jon  Huntsman, Sr (character, book  "Winners Never Cheat", businessman,
   philanthropist, father of current ambassador to China and former Governer of
   Utah, Jon Huntsman, Jr.)
Richard Branson
Colin Powell
Vaclav Havel
Randy Pausch
Nick Vijicic
Mother Teresa
Albert Einstein
Martin Luther King
Benjamin Franklin
Jack Canfield
Robin Sharma
Dale Carnegie
Norman Vincent Peale
Richard Carlson
Anthony Robbins
Will Smith
Tom Hanks
John Kennedy
Fareed Zakaria
Tiger Woods
Helen Keller
Thomas Jefferson
Werner Erhard
Joe Montana
Michael Jordan
Stephen Spielberg
William James
James Allen
Mikhail Gorbachev
Lou Gehrig
Bob Hope
Dr. Richard Wirthlin, head of Econ dept., presidential pollster
Dr. Savage (high school English teacher)
Tom Hill - Eaglezine
John Hanley, Sr.
Sheryl Sandberg


People I Admire, People
   Who Inspire - An
   overall list of

And then my "select" list:
Great "Men" But Did They Live Great Lives? - Who among them had a life that I would choose to live myself. It is interesting to see who it is and what caused them to be that way.