Keith's personal one:


To be centered in my power,
Being sure to re-center to stay in that power.
To stand tall and balanced,
with power emanating from my center,
all the while not allowing myself to be off center.
I live in calm coherence: in perspective, seeing it all, with no artificial fearing.
I am never driven, I am merely easily and gracefully choosing.

Always, in each moment of choice, asking "What is the right thing to do?" and then doing it. (I need only ask that one question at the moments of choice and I shall, solely by that, live a good life.)

To be assured that all things are taken care of, I sit down and decide what I need and want and then do it.  There is security in knowing my needs will be handled completely - and with a reliable source who truly cares. 

I create being a master of self-management, as I realize the "self" is a machine with certain characteristics and ways of operating and that learning those completely is the key to being able to manifest the most benefits and good in life.

"I" watch from my "Self", from my awareness center, with compassion and wisdom for myself and others.  I have no "need" to be loved and I choose to be loving.  I am totally self sufficient but open to all that comes to me or I (my primitive brain) may feel I need.

I am sure to stay relaxed, breathing deeply - in charge of my state of being.

I do not wait for something or a condition to give me peace.  I create it whenever I want to, simply by pausing, noticing my body (and any tensions), relaxing, breathing deeply a few times.  At times also I can choose to "rest", perhaps closing my eyes, for a minute.  In this way, I return to center more and more and sooner and sooner, staying on course. 

I notice situational discomfort and I let it be, being with it, letting it pass on, as it almost always does. never diverted by discomfort or distraction

I decide what I want and has value for me and I do it. 
I am the most important in my world so I fill myself 1st and from that fount I contribute to others.

I am fearless, because I know I can adapt well to anything.
I am always sure to be contributing, progressive.


I take care of the energy source: 

Caring for my body, relaxing, breathing, fueled by the good food in the right amount.  a body in excellent shape, taken care of at the highest appropriate level, challenged to develop strength and resilience. strong muscles.

Filling my tank so I can powerfully contribute. Asking "How can I contribute the most to others?"

I stop the leaks

Each time I do something that I think is not good for me and/or doesn't feel right, I write out the thoughts and then I correct the thoughts for truth and workability. I do not leave the "mess" in place.

I do not tolerate (nor criticize) being in a lower state and whiling away those moments of life with no direction or purpose.  I am fully committed to doing that which will create a great and fully adequate life for myself

My power questions:

Is this the right thing to do? 

Is his the best use of my time?

What is best for me right now?

where can I contribute produce the most good benefits
How can I ...
how can we create the most good?
what are you willing to do toward that?


I persist through to completion, knowing that it serves me well over the longer term, in total.
I choose to be disciplined, but not tight, rigid, not efforting, but pacing and moving in the right direction. 
I choose to live effortlessly.  Yes, using energy but with no strain or tightness.

I carefully design and follow the path:

I choose to consciously design the right path, to double make sure that it is the right one.  Then I follow that path religiously, making sure I review it so I am always clear on it and have it "top of the mind".  Knowing that is not done "automatically", I create a reminder support system that keeps it in place.

I ask how can I feed myself best

      what read that serves me best rather than random, by impulse
    value and emotional sustenance


I generate:  Appreciation, acknowledgement and feel great feeling I am always doing the best I can to do the right thing that it will benefit my power so others can also be benefited more.
Inspiring others to cultivate the ability to do that.  Yes, I will benefit first from what I learn and cultivate how to live my best life. 


I am a humanitarian , a philanthropist.
I don't have to.  It is not a moral imperative, not a thing to please the culture...
I have people smiling, feeling effective and good motivation
I operate not for recognition or approval from others but for my own self-satisfaction and filling up and, then, once I am filled, for others. 
I am always asking how can "we" create the most good?
I do not spend effort where it has no or little actual effect.
I let the uncontrollable or the not worth controlling go and be as it is, applying my energy to something higher and more effective.

I live firmly, powerfully but not tightly, not efforting
I am highly compassionate though not inappropriately so nor am I that in order to receive credit or for show.

I see humans be 'off' and I  try to be straight and rational.

I seek to teach people the thinking that will create their lives being great.  They are managing life the best they know but they need to know 1st  what works and the value this has.

No judging, no criticism, just choosing, just effusing, just making the energy I generate and have and I choose not for achievement.

I point people to do what is right and happiness.       and directing it...

I take care of my appearance and impression but only to the degree where it benefits my credibility or enhances some possibility that matters. 


When I fall I get up, dust myself off and ask what is next, what can I best learn from this and what shall I now do? 

I am not my past.  I am no fixed way.  I have more than enough time and energy to do all I need to do.   I am self-sufficient, not at all dependent, not a child.

I am responsible not like 'grit our teeth responsible' but knowing it is up to me to do the best job of operating  I can do, with the best response.  I am able to respond...

I can be any way I choose.
I operate by what feels right and I choose that.
What is the best way to be now? What is the right thing to do?

Part of being responsible is not falling into the trap of creating "gaps" that cause undue "tension".  So my standard for life is shooting for 80+%, allowing nonperfection, not allowing unrealistic expectations.  I do what is best for me.  I allow for weaknesses and imperfections and I just operate within those limits, without resistance, also knowing I have vast unlimited possibilities also. 

I follow this path

The Only Path To The Greatest Life -Guaranteed and very doable, one step at a time...

I declare this to be true

Why Life Is Great!  See the links to other supporting pieces, too!

I Can Be A Hero - The noble qualities I can choose.

What to do next

Follow "The Only Path" (above).

Obviously, this is planning related, so you could do your LifePlan.

List: 1000 Manifestos (links to each)

Write a manifesto?

If you choose to write a manifesto, you could choose to make it alot shorter, such as having 5 to 10 items on it. Perhaps you would start with all you can think of, then hone it down to what you like. 

You could also have a short version and a longer version, to refer to when more depth would be useful. 

You would best know this by heart.

It can be kept in your Reminders Notebook. although it is definitely a part of your LifePlan.

Until you see where you want to end up, you have nothing to go forward to.  And you've got to see it clearly, in detail, in order to create it.