Growing linearly
Accelerating the process
Which is first, the chicken or the egg?
The greatest impediment
So how do we implement the idea?
Pay It Forward also multiplies


We are growing goodness in a "linear" manner, not an accelerating or geometrically increasing manner.

At this rate, we'll not achieve a dramatically happier and more peaceful world for another 100 years or more.


If we approach this more systematically, we can make the world a dramatically better place within ten years, providing that we create the foundation for creating more powerful beings and building character while eliminating artificial fear.

There is, absolutely, "enough" for all if we harvest the abundance that is undeniably here in this world.  The actual availability of potential abundance is a given.

What isn't a given is the ability, intent, and actual application necessary to harvest it fully.

I believe that the secret to making all this work is to develop human beings so that they are highly capable. 

Highly capable means skilled to be effective with basically no real limitations.  

As we develop a core of these people, the expansion will be self perpetuating, as those people will help "pay it forward" by developing more cores of capable, peace-oriented individuals - and by being strongly inspirational models. 

As more of the "plenty" is developed by harvesting the abundance then there is less to fight over.  If we use these higher level developed human beings effectively, we will create more "outside the box" solutions.  Those could include such ideas as moving masses of people to better places that will support them, creating massively more abilities to be productive, and dramatically distributing the world's food supply. 


Prosperity and education are the solution. 

Which comes first, education or prosperity? 

Education is the key to developing the prosperity and teaching people to do it.

As we all "know":  "Give a person a fish and he'll eat for the day.  Teach him how to fish, and he'll eat for the rest of his life."

While the chicken can be taught more productivity, the chicken will not be nearly as effective if he/she does not know how to live life without the limitations of fear and of life ignorance.   We've got to insert teaching life, character, emotional intelligence, etc., into our curriculum - or at least make it available so that it can be fully utilized.


Ignorance and irrationality are the enemies, not the people who are ignorant.  

Those who destroy, destroy out of ignorance and bad information and irrational beliefs.  Terrorists actually think they are seeking some good - which is the very highest form of ignorance.  The great harm they, and any warring group, inflict move the world backward, taking away the forward progress that could be made with cooperation and forward constructive thinking.


The question here is how we can give it a huge surge forward - and not waste any time or lives waiting for this. 

I think the only way to do it is to create a multiplier. 

Two pronged:

Produce systematic education to have more people made to be highly effective

Develop a curriculum of how to be highly effective in the world and make it available through appealing and very usable means that don't take alot of manpower to implement.

And keep it going.  See The Geometric Progression Plan

We definitely will not do so well here in the United State if we do not have more people, especially our children, educated in forming an effective character.  We are disintegrating into short term thinking, being numbed to murder and destruction (the number of incidents of such on TV and in computer games are epidemic), and into poor health and dysfunctional psychology. 

A stand must be taken, as soon as possible. Alot of "force" (in the positive sense of mass and momentum) needs to be organized and implemented to cause the essential change at the base of people's personal power. 

Back in the '70's, EST initiated the creation of The Hunger Project , which, as I recall, had the goal of eliminating world hunger within a decade.  Obviously that has not occurred, though it has produced a result that is better than if it had not been created.  More of this is needed. 

But we've found that people do not devote their energies to such higher level noble pursuits until they have satisfied themselves that they are secure, both psychologically and materially.  Only by creating more people who are operating at that level will we solve the greater challenges; otherwise we'll still have partial solutions. 

Doing it small is nice, but...  It is slow.   When we fully employ the two pronged approach above, we do not stand a chance of making it happen. 

The purpose of The Life Management Alliance is to create strong, secure, happy people who can in turn help to create (and inspire) others learning to operate at a much higher, proactive level in life - essentially to create a powerful wave of accelerated progress in life and concurrently in how the world operates. 


Each person who is made strong and effective would contribute as much as he/she received to at least 3 others, which is the the Pay It Forward concept.

A good example of this idea is at PayItForwardFoundation.Org .

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