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Part of this website's objective involves helping people to develop greater power and an ability to contribute more to this world.  As they become more powerful and set more of an example of how to think and become strong leaders, they will change the world! 

What an individual on his/her own can do is contribute by being non-prejudiced, non-blaming, objective, rational thinkers/speakers who can then contribute toward the type of thinking that is solution-finding - this means each individual would have to decide to stop encouraging, by example, the ongoing oppositional, destructive, righteous, emotional non-thinking.  Then the individual will become part of the solution and stop being part of the problem!  (The problem is non-thinking, oppositional thinking - the very cause of wars - but while we criticize wars, we engage in the very basis of what causes them!)

The Believing Brain - Understand how we make up nonsense and believe it is the truth.  This must be altered if we are to have a better world. 

The Power Of Earlier Conditioning And Training 

The brain "learns" and then grooves in what it learns, setting us off on a path that is determined by its learnings.  That path "compounds" over time into a strongly good path or a very bad path (somewhere in between for most of us). 

The point here is not only to make learning of good values and emotional practices and knowledge more available to as many people as possible, but to intensify that learning so it happens as quickly as possible AND as early as possible.

In the West, that means that early childhood, even pre-school social, behavioral and values training is highly beneficial - so much so that I would hold it as one of the very top priorities.  And, as much as possible, we need to train the parents, as they will pass down the dysfunctional beliefs they have. 

I would hope that The Life Management Alliance (or some similar organization) is fully developed to create that better a much faster pace. 


(Essential to making progress!)

We cannot create a better world nearly as well if we do not solve the counter-solution behaviors and talking.

Coming Toward The Middle, On Either Side - Part Of The Solution Or Part Of The Problem - Links into a few videos that present ideas worth thinking about.

Are Businesspersons And Rich People Evil And Selfish And... - Or is there lack of understanding, perhaps plain old uninformed prejudice and righteousness against them by others?  What is actually true?


Without correct thinking being taught (and hostile or fixed unobjective conversations being challenged), we cannot move toward good, solution oriented thinking.  The two are mutually exclusive.  And the current situation is very sad.

Curing The Causes And Engaging In The Progressive Process - People need to "see" what they are doing in terms of prejudice, non-thinking, etc., and what the progressive process is and the results it produces as an alternative to their current ways of dealing with things.

Am I Being Fair And A Good Thinker?  Am I Contributing For Myself And Others? - Or is there some prejudice or biasing, some lack of fair factual consideration or...

The Believing Brain - How we believe wrong things, bias our evidence, and create explanations that make no sense.

The Righteous, Unthinking Mind Versus The Thinking Mind - And The Effect Of Harmful Ignorance - If we think we are already right, even though we haven't really checked all the facts and considered the tradeoff with objectivity, then we won't produce positive results - we will actually just create problems - and encourage others to keep up the same non-productive actions, talk, and thinking.

System One And System Two (of the brain) - If we let our lower brains react, we will not do well.  If we engage the higher brain, our lives and the lives of those around us will be much better.

See Thinking Contents/Links to learn what good thinking really is.  This is vital to living a good life and also to contributing more to others.


What's Possible - Implementers Of Super-Ideas For The Future  


   Changing the cultural conversation
   Thinking and learning skills
   Job skills
   Emotional skills
   Life management skills
      Character development

Better Economics (Understanding basic economics: Economics)

   The Efficiency Community

See also:  Critical Thinking
               The Believing Brain
               The Righteous Mind 

Without understanding these, we cannot solve the problem.. See Part I, box to the right.

If we do not address these, our future will be diminished from what it could otherwise be.  There is some critical thinking and understanding the actual numbers that are very much needed!!!!!

Targeting the wrong causes and/or just dealing with symptom is ineffective.  Plus the effect of politics is costing a huge amount for us and especially future generations.  Easy to see!

Debt And Deficit Perspectives In The United States - You Be The Judge - The rich don't possibly have enough money and the middle class will be hurt by taxes as well as future generations, as we have over $100 trillion of debt and unfunded liabilities that won't be covered by taxes!!!!

Income And Net Worth In The United States - What Explains It? - What actually cause this?  There are some huge misunderstandings here.  Look at the numbers and you'll see more conclusions than you might otherwise have been aware of.  The math is simple and undeniable.

The Effect Of Compounding On Wealth And Income - Just Reality Not Anything Else - It's mostly just math, not some sinister force of some sort!  Critical thinking is needed!

Focusing On What Is Most Important - And Committing To It - Assuring that the bottom end of society, in terms of living conditions, are covered, as that is the highest payoff per buck.  Assuring the tools and the push is made for people to learn how to take care of themselves financially, as much as possible.  And so on down the list, as I rewrite some things I posted on my commentary blogs.  This would result in a "Contract With America".

My Vision For Raising The Level Of Existence In This Country And The World - While we need effective leadership (not "politically correct" overdoers) raise us all, particular focus should be on creating effective leaders who have a stake and/or connection with the areas they will affect. Particularly developing Black leaders, Hispanic leaders, and, overlapping, leaders for the communities of the poor.  This could be in the form of a "Peace Corp", where the education is paid for and there is a contract of several years of service (with adequate pay, of course.


Effective Altruism - Make sure your giving has up to1000 times more effectiveness.  Watch the video.