These are notes, for development later, hopefully together, where ideas are contributed by many people - and then where we get some person with the proper skill set to implement this effectively.

An "efficiency community" is any community organized to share and use resources efficiently and effectively.

It solves the problem of increasing expenses for the people, referring to the constantly talked about problems of the middle class and the poor.  If we cannot increase the income sufficiently, we must work from the top down:  reducing the total of our expenditures. 

Examples are:

Sun City type of shared resources (recreation, gym, club rooms, etc.)
Community gardens, coops 
Condominium complexes - Can be highly effective if managed properly, see "key problem", below.
Community parks, open space

Shared expenses

I have to spend the money and time to keep my yard in shape.  Yes, I can afford it, but for most people it is best for them not to have to spend the money.  And, of course, if I didn't spend the money on this, I could have more to benefit the world with.

At Sun City, they give free services (called Handy Helpers) to the community to do things that a person would have to hire out to expensive specialists. 

Efficient spaces

What I would like to see is super-efficiently built houses, where rooms have multiple uses (so that we need fewer rooms!) and the efficiencies, such as those built into recreational vehicles. 

For those who are in poverty and stuck for a bit, there could be small "living modules" with minimal space, but security, where there is an employing entity that hires people to produce something that can be sold, with a sharing of the profits - and strict rules for expulsion for those who are not being responsible.

Shared knowledge


The problem when we reduce the cost dramatically is that people who are not as high thinking or responsible as necessary enter the community, and begin to take advantage of the people without contributing their due.  (This is part of the reason why Socialism failed so badly.  It is also the reason why poor communities develop poor habits and standards, plus criminality.)

So we must have some sort of governing and restriction of access, such as a gated community.  (And we can have such things, which do cost money, as extensive video surveillance.)