This site does not intend to compile all the answers and materials, but it does intend to provide some perspective and guidance and then refer you to the experts and/or complete resources.
Meanwhile, it is a convenient reference to go to for anything in life, knowing that it is reliable and objective - and that it will guide you to the right resources for your next move.

A critical part of spending involve one's housing.  See Home And Real Estate Contents/Links

Integral partTHE LIFESTYLE PAGE - Covers how to manage the money/buying in the most
                      effective way for what you really want in life.  The lifestyle you choose can be one
                      of the most life determinant choices you'll ever make.              

                     THE GRAND SPENDING PLAN - Follow these rules and direct your attention to the
                      highest effects and get 80% of the benefits with 20% of the effort.
                        Coming soon.  If you want it sooner email to keithkahuna@yahoo.com.

Spending Efficiencies

     Efficiency Communities - From housing to any shared resources done more efficiently and/or effectively.

Specitic Costs:          

                   Automobile Costs - A quick look to get some realism on total costs. See also
                       www.edmunds.com ("costs to own" calculator) and www.consumerreports.org.
                       My site page that will be added soon:  Car Related Expenses
                   Energy Cost Savings - Also a lucrative area.

Related to couples:

                   Our Spending Agreement - What we agree to, including the forms for tracking the
                   Splitting Expenses For A Couple Who Marry Later in Life - This is often done in a
                         way that does not reflect reality.  Excel version of the couple's expense
                         worksheet you can modify.


                        Cut Your Spending in Half Without Settling For Less, Editors of Rodale Press -
                          Great resource and reference to be clear and remind yourself of what to do.
                        Consumer Reports (Year) Buying Guide, www.ConsumerReports.org

                        About shopping:  www.thegrocerygame.com, www.grocerysavingtips.com,
                        For savings:  www.thegrocerygame.com, www.couponmom.com,
                           www.stretcher.com, www.grocerysavingtips.com
                        Frugal Living
                           Start with recs on The Poor But Happy page on the site.


                       Mint.com (free) - See evals also in Best Personal Finance Software.
                       How To Choose The Best Personl Finance Software For You 
                       Best Personal Finance Software Apps Of 2017