Efficiency Communities - A major way to save lots of money.

Rent or buy?  Calculator at www.aimloan.com.

Related to borrowing:

    Using A Home Equity Line "MMA" For Efficiency And Monthly Expenses - This
                        resource is recommended for your understanding only, shopping for the service is
                        up to you.
   Should I do a 15 year mortgage or a 30 year mortgage? - If you have investment
                        funds, you can obtain a higher guaranteed rate of return on them than you can in
                        the investment market.
                           The Excel sheet to back up the calculations - If you have a spreadsheet
                              program you can use this with formulas already imbedded in them.
    Should I Prepay My Mortgage? Simplified Version - Read this first to understand the
                        idea, then read the next one if you are being sold a "program".
                             Read also The Time Value Of Money, Compounding - Don't be fooled by
                             conversations where people are ignoring compounding of interest and return.
     Should I Prepay My Mortgage And/Or Buy A Prepayment Program? - Note the
                        caveats and alternatives in this piece - go directly to the discussion at the end if
                        you just want the bottom-line (key important points).

The house itself:
Appropriate size and high function - See Compact Space Living on 
    THE LIFESTYLE PAGE, wherein you are given a choice to reduce overhead and/or reduce commute time
         for a better life. 

     Smart building of the "not so big" house:  www.notsobighouse.com
     Air Quality - Carpeting And Indoor Air Quality better for carpet than bare floor; a page                                        on the Allergy Consumer Review Site;

Should I Filter The Chlorine From My Drinking And Bathing Water? - You may be surprised at the effects of the one you wouldn't have guessed would be the most important!

Great idea site:

Houzz - Many, many, many design ideas and an ideabook you can create.  Free.