We ignore our heart and take it for granted, somehow thinking that it will take care of itself.

Well, it won't do a very good job if we don't take care of it first!

Obviously, this information is plentiful on the internet.  However, I am just writing down what I need to be aware of.

Heart attack is the number 1 cause of death.


There are higher risk times to guard against:

Early morning - 40% higher risk.   Your body is preparing to get you to be active, loading you with adrenaline and other stress hormones (which increase your blood pressure and heart rate).

Plus you're dehydrated, so that your blood is thicker and your heart has to pump harder!

Drink water first thing in the morning!  And "chill out for the first hour of the dy

Mondays - 20% higher risk than other days.   Take it easier on this day.  If you planned the week before Monday (say Friday) and were more confident of your schedule and that things are under control, your stress hormones will be lowered from this absolute peak day.

High fat intake for breakfast (or anytime).  High fat, high calorie meals strain your system and constrict blood vessels just at the wrong time.

Pushing hard on the bowels.  Don't do it earlier on in the day or until you are "normalized" otherwise.  Avoid constipation; have 25 grams of fiber per day.

Exercise, sex that is too intense or sudden.  Begin slowly (and lightly, if you're not in shape).

Stress, emotional pain.  Relax, breathe, chill out, especially before stressful activities, such as public speaking (!) or anything you are nervous or anxious about.  


Adequate sleep.  Enough time to feel rested, so stress drops.  Enough time for body to repair itself, which is the key function of sleep.  See Melatonin.

Low fat, low sugar healthy diet.  Unstable blood sugar kills the heart muscle and attacks the artery walls - and the fat catches onto the tears - and your heart gets occluded. 

Eat good fats, raise HDL.  Omega 3 oils, probably 3 grams/day.

Not overweight - Puts a stress on the heart, especially the toxins from the fat around your middle.

Full exercise routine.  Pumps blood, promotes immune function, increases energy, increases "feel good" chemicals and how the body feels over time.  Huge benefits, probably #1 item, though diet can be about equal.

Not sitting too long.  If you sit too long, you die sooner.  Lots of studies.  Get up and move and stretch for five minutes breaks at least every 60-90 minutes. 

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