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(Note that books rated with an A are all of top effectiveness.  A number next to the letter indicates the order that something should be read.  So an A1 is an absolute read!)

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Health Overall

     A1 YOU, THE OWNER'S MANUAL - This is written and illustrated so well and so accurate and good that there is not a soul who should miss reading it.
          Or, his original book,
          THE REAL AGE MAKEOVER, Michael Roizen.  A vital book for health.  Could save
             you years of life and add years of quality life.

            Website: - For health information and tests of real age. 


            Body For Life: 12 Weeks To Mental And Physical Strength, Bill Phillips and Michael
               D'Orso - A great program with specific instructions and great comments and
                  Get this book even if you hire a fitness trainer.

            Body For Life For Women: A Woman's Plan For Physical and Mental
            Transformation, Pam Peeke and Cindy Crawford - Look like Cindy Crawford!

Weight Management

            Lean For Life, Phase One.  Cynthia Stamper Graff - Walks you through the whole
               process, day by day, with information and inspiration daily.

            PICTURE PERFECT PRESCRIPTION, Dr. Howard Shapiro.  4 11 day daily
                programs that quickly install and give the perspective needed in exercise,
                nutrition, and stress management plus a section on connectedness to people. 
                Very good.  Includes a CD and a DVD, for life span calculator, exercise demos...!

            Small Changes Big Results, Ellie Krieger, A 12-week Action Plan To A Better
                Life, an excellent program to follow with regard to nutrition, exercise, and stress-
                busting, integrating all 3 into each week.  It could be used after the Shapiro
                program above.  It is good to have a systematic program to keep oneself on

Health Management For Life

The Spectrum: A Scientifically Proven Program To Feel Better, Live Longer, Lose Weight, And Gain Health , by Dean Ornish, M.D. - By the expert who actually reversed heart disease!  This is a program to head for a lifetime, in my opinion!

"Dr. Dean Ornish revolutionized medicine by directing clinical research proving–for the first time–that heart disease and early-stage prostate cancer may be stopped or even reversed by his program of comprehensive lifestyle changes, without drugs or surgery. His newest research was the first to show that changing your lifestyle changes your genes in men with prostate cancer–“turning on” disease-preventing genes, and “turning off” genes that promote breast cancer, heart disease, and other illnesses, and in only three months. This study documented, also for the first time, that these lifestyle changes may significantly increase an enzyme that lengthens telomeres–the ends of your chromosomes that control how long you live. As your telomeres get longer, your life gets longer. Your genes are not your fate."

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WEBSITES AND SERVICES - General health, Smoking, Fitness Training, Weight Management 
SERVICES ONLY - Trainers, Health Retreats, Medical Care

*AMAZON.COM Products
   Excellent pricing and selections.  Click here -->


EXERCISE/FITNESS - Read the principles, below, first, then set up a program.  Partnering and accountability are vastly more effective.

Read under Physical, Exercise: Exercise - Customized Workouts At Home and Exercise - Using Life Principles To Make It Work

IFIT.COM - An interactive program set up to be your "trainer" and design and track your fitness training, with even "scenic runs" that you can use.  This is not a no cost site, but it appears to be worthwhile.

To find qualified trainers:

    Go to a gym.
    Search on the internet for "Fitness Trainers" and specify the city.

Mentioned favorably by others as personal trainers:

Kerri Miller, Integrated Fitness, Sacramento - alot of training and degrees
Nick Fortino, 24 hour Fitness, Carmichael


See experts in weight management and nutrition management.

Family Medical History:  Search for "family history" at

Top highly competent on-line sources for me(Good explanations, lots of videos)

Dr. Mercola -

Medical Information/research/reading:  


*REALAGE.COM - Very useful health website, where you can determine your "real age" physically by answering an extensive list of questions.  Helps to see where the biggest payoffs are and what makes sense for you.   

Consider that there are various degrees of substance abuse and that if you are "part way in" you will suffer the consequences.  Consider this: The Effects Of Drug And Alcohol Use On Weight Change.


A coaching relationship is the most effective, as it adds positive reinforcement, guidance, and accountability.  Attending classes is the next level, as it involves one more than doing this on one's own.  Doing it on one's own reduces the odds of winning.  See Physical, Harmful Practices, Smoking to ground oneself first: Smoking - Using Life Principles To Quit. 

Virtually all major hospitals have smoking cessation classes. - This online program through the American Lung Association has been proven to work.  Call to see if there are any local classes or support.
New Beginnings - With several offices in various parts of the country, these are professionals committed to curing addictions.

WEIGHT MANAGEMENT - Resources moved to weight management's own section.

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Currently screening others.  We want to be sure that they will be useful, so that it doesn't amount to another pleasant diversion or low use of time.  Your input would be very welcomed!


It is important to look deeply and establish completely your knowledge and practices in health.  the best way is to take an intense focus time of a week, with proper medical consulting.  The payoff is incredibly high - in terms of avoiding ill-health, feeling good, and in providing extra energy to produce more of what is wanted in life.
Most of these will have some "alternative" health care, which, in my opinion, often is just other ways of being healthy - such as meditation, stress management, stretching (yoga, etc.), supplements, etc.

Chopra Center - Deepak Chopra's center; see Programs, 5 day wellness program.  While it handles the medical area, there is a high emphasis on the "mind" part of the equation, as the "mind" can be stressed and/or too reactive, affecting your health more significantly than you might guess.
McDougall Center - Offers a 5 and 10 day immersion and teaching program for nutrition and weight loss in the famous and successful McDougall Plan.
Oaks Spa - Ojai California, near Santa Barbara, reasonable costs, full spa options, no real medical emphasis.  However, there is nutrition and exercise counseling to set up programs to follow!
Whitaker Wellness Center - Dr. Julian Whitaker, who has one of the most popular health newsletters, investigates and promotes health supplements and practices.


  Complete physicals at a higher level - Use hospitals connected to medical schools or the standard highly regarded Scripps and Mayo Clinic.

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