tba  just being started, though some possibly useful ideas:

Doubts are insidious.  Don't allow them to persist.  Deal with them right now.  Never let one go unaddressed.

Write them down. 

And then examine them for their truth or untruth, because doubts are mostly beliefs. 


I doubt myself because

    beliefs about myself
    distrust myself

I got this at this age from person, situation

Is it true?  Absolutely?  Or is it some left over pattern?  (See Brain Patterns write-up.)

Although you cannot guarantee any outcome that you do not control, what else about you do you believe in this instant.    

Not being sure of an outcome is no problem.  What is a problem is doubting yourself or underestimating your ability... 

distrust of sef or wrth 

lack of conviction, uncertainty  
lack of trust or confidence 
apprehension or fear 
doubtful - not clear or definite 


"Sufficient" Psychological Certainty -  Essential to forming a solid foundation.

Do that which is controllable, that increases certainty, and dissolving doubt created by lack of results on trying to control the uncontrollable:

Control - Its Proper Use: Stop The Waste, Increase Power

The Core Of Your Life - Just Maintain This And Your Circumstances Will Not Matter
- The controllable core is for certain achievable.