Why create "up"?
Why this page?
Ways to create a quick "up"
Strategy for quick reminders
Avoid ways to create down


Creating "up" is an art and science to master.  It ties in with living life in a high state of resourcefulness

And living life in a high state of being (and resourcefulness), and all the conditions underlying it, is what life is really about - a happy, fulfilling, deep experience.

You will want to incorporate the items from the piece:

Being "up"  ties right in with the section on Mood Management, so click on the link and go there.  Part of being "up" is not allowing oneself to go "down"! 

While being "up" is something we use to describe one's emotional state, it is most often actually more of a physical state wherein a similar emotional state is produced.

While having a very clear, readily accessible series of positive, up statements to use is a definite positive factor, it is keeping the physical energy high and tension low that is the chief assurer of being "up" (when we feel energy and calmness our thoughts are normally positive as a result - and we think better).  

This also means that we must not allow undue drops in energy - this means we have to keep our blood sugar very, very stable (as constant as possible).  This is the ultra important element in health and energy - and it must not be violated, even if your impulse is strong to eat that sugar or refined flour goodie.   Also, it is vital to keep your emotional state relatively constant - people who violate the latter end up with unstable sugar metabolism as their body gets less and less able to process sugar - they often end up being hypoglycemic (strengthening the body and using deep relaxation can help offset this, but there also must be a stabilizing of emotions and internal self-talk). 


We have an inspiration page, a happiness page, a mood page.  So, why this page? 

Just because I wanted somewhere to go where I could just create an "up" really fast and not have to spend much effort doing it.  (Put this on your computer or as a favorite page to go to, as you can have lots of favorites on one site.  Create a folder in favorites for instant personal reference.)

So, here goes!


The "up" mechanism should be matched to the state that is holding one "down", so to speak.  If tense, use relaxing things (exercise relaxes also).  If tired, use energizers or untireders. 

Physical: This is the most direct and ascertainable as to effect.  It works!

Movement:  At least a 5 minute somewhat rigorous walk or other full movement.
Dancing energetically is great.  [Try, Club/Dance Radio.]. (Moves lymph, releases endorphins.)

Breathing deeply:  Either the fast version for energy or the slow deeper version for
calmness.  You can't lose with ten deep breaths.  Consider saying "I breathe in energy," or something that is inspiring.

Posture:  Changing your physiology to that of a powerful, standing tall person and/or doing Tiger Woods' "power pose".

Eat:  But not sugar or refined carbs, but small portions of protein and complex carbs or fruit.

Nap:  Best time is late afternoon for 30 minutes, big effect! 

Sing:  With gestures and pitch.  Really get into it. Memorize an inspiring song.

Laugh:  Movies, videos, joke books, or just an artificial laugh for 30 seconds.  Triggers calmness nerve.

Smile: A good krinkly one.  Artificial is fine.  The movement of the facial muscles automatically generates calming chemicals.


Reminders, centerers

Read and/or listen to a good set of affirmations (which you must have available!)
Read your list of "what is absolutely true and/or verifiable in m life that is good."
Read a short summary of a realistic philosophy. 

Calmness period:  Very simple meditation is just fine.  Calming the mind is important. 15 minutes  is best, but 5 is also positive.  Imagining walking in a meadow or other inspiring place, vividly.

Friend:  Reaching out to a friend.

Inspiration;  Super inspiration, right away - and something for you to "see" that all is ok with you and the world, from the W. Mitchell story (terribly burned in a motorcycle crash, crippled in an airplane crach) to the story to stories of the most loving dad in the world.  See Inspiring ResourcesSee the Inspiration page on this site.  

Gratitude: My favorite, after doing movement.  Best to read them if you can grab your Reminders Notebook or computer.

Positive inputs:  Listening to CD's of inspiring wisdom/advice, stories, meditation CDs

Music:  Usually loud, energetic.

Declaring aloud:  I am the master of my fate!  The captain of my ship!  I shall prevail!  Or whatever appeals to you.  Invest an inspiring saying.  Use body movement, gestures.

Write it down:  Write the content of what is on your mind that is causing the mood, preferably in a journal.  Clarifies your thinking, which settles your amygdala.


The overall instruction mini-manual Getting "up" , to print and put into your Reminders Notebook, highlight (or checkmark) those you'll use and star the best ones. When you're feeling down, you need immediate, easy access to methods that bring you back up, so you waste no time in the down state.


Alcohol, sugar, refined carbs, excessive fat, hard to digest foods (such as fried)

Not eating for more than 3 hours - really, really "bad"

Allowing negative thinking of your own, being around negative people.

Not exercising, not moving

Watching tv more than an hour

Not getting enough sleep.

Going too long without a break from tension or exertion.
Print this page and put this into your Reminders Notebook!