A process to SEE:

           Unrealistic expectations
           Unworkable behaviors and viewpoints from childhood and/or from incorrect thinking

     A process to LEARN:

           What is needed by you and your partner and how to negotiate healthily and productively
           How to communicate (needs, to problem solve, avoid conflict, etc). effectively, easily
           How to not blame, not resent (those are the killers) - Moving from those victim behaviors to
                adult behaviors that work

     A process to IMPLEMENT:

          The counselor helps to coach you to be sure to use the processes!


Yes, if you work it.  It requires a commitment and then it works virtually all the time

Read How Relationship Counseling Can Be Made Not To Work - Or To Work!   The killer occurs
when one (or both) partners fail to understand how important it is for them to know how not to resent and make the other the (false) adversary.  Read the key pieces unders Criticism, Blame, Victim

The communication process is so, so simple - and if a person commits to do the process in the "higher brain" mode, and to take a break when in the lower mode, those involve will experience a a wonderful, transformative benefit not thought possible before!  Read The Fact-Based, Reasoning Conversation