An extremely valuable set of programs that are based on many factors that cause depression - and one of the most effective I've seen. 

From my analysis of the best way to learn something, I believe the 10-Day Residential Recovery Program would be immensely useful and freeing, as there are full resources and counselors helping you all the way, while you can also be engaged in eating and exercising in more beneficial ways. 

The 8 session educational Depression Recovery Program, presented via DVDs that you can also purchase, is excellent.  I took it to get a more in-depth understanding of depression, the brain, and all the factors involved - I've been writing, as you can see from the site, about much in this area, but I anticipated that an in-depth, systematic program would add to my knowledge and effectiveness and it did, indeed.  (The program I went to cost only $40, which included the workbook, but not the other three books, which I purchased separately online from Amazon.)

The questionnaire and graded results were provided to help one identify which of the 10 "hits" that could contribute to depression.  It specified the not only the relevant "hits" but also gave a score for depression level and anxiety proneness, plus an emotional intelligence score.  (Recall that Emotional Intelligence is the ability to recognize emotions in others and in yourself and to effectively manage them.)


I would recommend this, to get the results discussed above, just to see where you are right now.   Online Health Risk Assessment - Depression, Anxiety & EQ.


He has a few excerpts on the site, which you may want to review to get more insight.



Dr. Nedley's research and documentation is meticulous and very complete.  He is an internal medicine specialist and not a psychiatrist, though he often aids pychiatrists in dealing with their depressed client.

He is a Seventh Day Adventist, actively involved in Weimar College in Northern California (similar to Loma Linda University, though smaller).  So, they do mention some, but not much, in my opinion, Bible excerpts and the benefits of reading them, though there is no direct mention of the religion per se.  It is a religion which is highly health oriented, leading to vegan diets, even teaching how to prepare meals.  And members of their church live about 11 years longer than the average life span! 


Reading assignments in the three recommended books used in the program were provided in the Depression Recovery Program Workbook provided as part of the program. 
Each of the three books, in my opinion, after reading lots of these types of books, are excellent.  Each had something uniquely valuable in them.  Nedley's book Depression - The Way Out was very in-depth, easy to read, and exceptional (though a bit expensive, it was well worth it!).  The SOS Help For Emotions book by Lynne Clark, though it looks like light reading, is very, very good in covering the topics and very, very understandable. Telling Yourself The Truth, William Backus and Marie Chapman, had some excellent replies and wording that could transform one's thinking by simply reading and repeating them, affirmations style, as a new way of thinking.  (It does have a little more religious material in some sections, but the content overall is excellent and not obtrusive at all.)


The best approach, by far, in my opinion, would be to do the complete immersion program for the 10 Day Residential Depression Recovery Program.  And, if for some reason you can't do that, see if you can do the DVD program that is probably provided and assisted by members of the Seventh Day Adventist church (check with a local one or call Nedley's organization), though I'm sure there are others. 

From the site on Nedley Residential Depression Recovery Program:  At the conclusion of the program, 95% of the participants reported significant improvements in their depression with 54% reporting no depression at all

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