This section is added and being developed because of recent demand for it.  See Relationship Resources (includes websites, services, and books). 

THE DETERIORATION PROCESS - Easily predictable and identifiable as to causes.  Read about what happens, as understanding what happened is a key to solving the problem.
THE REPAIR PROCESS - Some great action steps, some learning and understanding - and a great new relationship foundation is created.  


                   The Invisible Divorce - Understand it and resolve it!!!!

                   Making Up Things - And Even Believing Them
                    The Projections, Assumptions, Criticisms, Ignorances, and Defenses
                    Sexual Relationship, The Deterioration Of -

Case Studies:

                    Being In Relationship Hell
                    My Experience of Getting Out Of Relationship Hell

THE REPAIR PROCESS - It is useful to review and understand The Problem Solving section, with the "Loving Solution" and Conflict Management.

         For any level of deterioration:

                    RELATIONSHIP REPAIR (OR RESCUE) - A call to action, identifying what actually
                       made it not work (pretty simple, actually), what you need to learn, and a list of items
                       to commit to that will make it work...takes some work, but it is worth it.    

                    THE SIX MONTH RELATIONSHIP REPAIR AGREEMENT - This is what you might
                       wish to agree to in order to put together the commitment to counseling,
                       learning/training, and communication repair.

                    Facing The Reality of What A Relationship Really Is - This understanding is key, for lack
                      of knowledge of this dooms the relationship, whereas knowledge of it illuminates the
                      relationship and creates a realistic basis for having a whole new foundation and love.

Couple's workshops

                     See Relationship Resources, especially the low or no cost workshop for couples
                     whose relationship is in trouble (even separated) but who would like to save it:  
                     RETROUVAILLE.- A LIFELINE FOR MARRIAGES:  This "free" weekend is staffed
                     entirely by volunteers based on a very effective curriculum and process where couples
                     often have decided to split but are taking one last ditch hope.  Estranged couples by
                     the end of the process are closer and are involved in an ongoing process they have
                     learned that works so well that over 70% of the couples are still together 5 years later!!!                        The cost of staying in the hotel for the weekend and the seminar are provided by the
                     organization, with an optional voluntary contribution at the end of the weekend.
                     Comments by couples:                 

Also see:       The section: "METHODS TO COMPLETE AND/OR RESOLVE,"
                         Under Sustaining Relationships. These methods really work!

Read:            Rescuing Relationships, Dr. Phil McGraw

Movie & Book:, a remarkably successful "lesson" movie released to
                       the general theaters, the rescue of the relationship, and a book The 40 Day Love Dare 
                       provide a good basis for repair.  (Has a religious theme base, but if you don't object to
                       that you'll see the general applicability and usefulness - it's more about an attitude or
                       viewpoint than about being religious.

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