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         Codependency and Enabling

            Actions Taken For A Child - A Review Of - Review your actions taken for a child and see if
                you are asking enough or if you are encouraging dependency or entitlement
            Do I Have Some Patterns Or Characteristics of CO-DEPENDENCY? And What Do I Want
               To Do About this? - See if you have co-dependent behavior patterns and then decide if
                you really want to do something about it before you pass it on to the rest of the family.
            Codependency and The Enabler - Brief synopsis points from a book of that same title.
            BooksFacing Codependence: What It Is, Where It Comes From, How It Sabotages Our
                             Lives, Pia Mellody,
                         Codependent No More: How To Stop Controlling Others And Start Caring For
                             Yourself, Melody Beattie - The classic best seller.




   Go to a child psychologist and ask for the best books and resources in your area.


   Family First, Phil McGraw
   How To Behave So Your Children Will, Too!, Sal Severe - Despite his last name, this book
     suggests some very workable behaviors.  Being a good parent is not something you can do at
     random.  Buy this book and use it.  Simple and to the point.  Should be required reading.


                    It is not the intent of this website to provide extensive written pieces with regard to
                    children, but to refer you to the experts and resources that others have screened
                    and found useful.  However, when a worthwhile piece comes up, it will be added to
                    this website for your use.

       Also related to being a parent

                    The Top Predictor Of A Child's Success In Life - What it is and comments of what to
                         do about it.
                    A Letter To My Child To Be

Websites and services:  See also the listed resources on the site:, - A sister site about educating people about lives.  See the resources to be used for various ages of children.

            - Emmy award winning,  learn how to improve
                        communication and behavior.
           - Superb one day program for schools, integrating all of a
                       diversity of people in a transforming day that makes an absolute difference in all
                       who are involved.  For middle and high schools.
           - Similar to the above, but for elementary schools.
           - Learning online
           - eSylvan Learning Center    
           - A program designed to develop the emotional intelligence of
                       young people and their families.  Gives teenagers the tools to build their own self-
                       esteem and leadership skill to make poistive choices that will impact the rest of
                       their lives.  Conduct Three-Day Teen Workshops, In-School Programs and adult
                       workshops for parents, teachers and other teen mentors.

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   PARENTING - A Vital Skill That Few Really Have But What A Difference Can Be Made!

       Are you qualified to be a parent?  Have you done enough to merit this vital job? 
       See also the resources below.

       Our Viewpoint About Our Parents 


       Resources - Use these! 


       Resources - Use these!

   FRIENDS - On a separate web page: The effects of friends on your happiness and health. How to select them effectively and weed those out who are not at the highest.  Plus other insights and information that will help you create more from this vital area.

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