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Although this site mostly just points to (links to) the experts to use, there are a few key points I think are deserving of emphasis.

Intro page:  Family, Children, Friends


The Top Predictor Of A Child's Success In Life - What it is and comments of what to do about it.

Self Esteem For Kids - Learning What Is True And What Is Not At All True

Self-Efficacy - The Essential Sense Of Life Competency

A Letter To My Child To Be   

The Financial Incentive Trust What To Do To Make It More Effective - Disbursing the money for beneficial actions the children (as adults) take.

The Low Attention Span - Something to prevent unless it is congenital.

Codependency and Enabling

Actions Taken For A Child - A Review Of - Review your actions taken for a child and see if you are asking enough or if you are encouraging dependency or entitlement thinking/living.

How Do I Separate Supporting The Kids From Rescuing Them - I Want Them To Know I Accept Them As They Are

Self-Efficacy - The Essential Sense Of Life Competency

Do I Have Some Patterns Or Characteristics of CO-DEPENDENCY? And What Do I Want
To Do About this? - See if you have co-dependent behavior patterns and then decide if you really want to do something about it before you pass it on to the rest of the family.

Codependency and The Enabler - Brief synopsis points from a book of that same title.

Facing Codependence: What It Is, Where It Comes From, How It Sabotages Our Lives, Pia Mellody,

Codependent No More: How To Stop Controlling Others And Start Caring For ourself, Melody Beattie - The classic best seller.


See the sister site (which this site provides alot of detail for):  It presents methods of learning that are most effective, and it makes the key point about how necessary it is to learn life more systematically and effectively!!!

See Learning Contents, Links on this site about what to learn and how to be more effective at it.

The Myths Around "Improving" - Straighten this out as it is essential to be clear on this!